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I am writing a feature about postpartum thyroiditis, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences with me? Thanks

I am keen to find someone who would be able to tell me about the symptoms they experienced, if it was difficult for the medics to diagnose (if there was any thought it might be postpartum depression), and how the situation has been resolved (if it has). Please send me a personal message if you may be able to help with this. Many thanks.

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Please could you give some details about who you are writing it for and if there is a deadline, pics required, any rules?

We may have a case study on file that would be suitable.





Hello Louise, I am writing for a Hong Kong magazine called Playtimes - it is a very glossy family magazine, dealing with all sorts of issues affecting young families. It is a short piece (just 600 words), and it is just to give readers an idea that this condition exists, and to give a bit of first-hand experience. I would need to speak to someone by next Tuesday. I do not need photos, and can change names if necessary. I can either have a quick chat over the phone, or just email some questions - either is fine. Thanks very much for your help. Rachel


Hi Rachel

I'll have a look through who we've got on file - hopefully I'll get back to you with some good news. :-)




Thanks very much!


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