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Free T3 18.9 pmol/L (4-6.8)

I just got my latest thyroid results and my Free T3 seems to be too high however I don't have any hyper symptoms - I rather wished I had a bit of some.

My Free T4 is 16.5 (11-24)

TSH 0.014 (0.35-4.5)

I've been on Westhroid for almost two years possibly and my doc told me my T4 was at the minimun about a month ago. I wasn't thinking in having my thyroid checked because I though it was fine but because I had to checked other things and my doc had put in my notes to check my Free T3 levels next time I had a check I got it today.

I am very confused now. I know my free t3 must be at teh top but it's SO OVER THE TOP. I also have fibro and presume if I continue having symptoms like chronic fatigue, constipation and so on is because of the fibro not the thyroid. I guess I should reduce my dosage now but honestly I am afraid I can't get out of bed if I do. My nails even got normal after I increased the dose a while ago when my doc told me my T4 was at the low borderline.

Why are my nails feeling normal with these increase and why I don't have any hyper symptoms? I don't know what to do. As I was T4 was too low and with 25 extra grain all seems to eb too high = Then what????? What should I do?

I really thought my thyroid was ok now - that I had under control FINALLY - but do I? Should I go only through my symptoms and leave it like this??? It just worries me I am doing some harm to my body. Can anyone here help?

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did you take your NDT before the test? if so your results are 'skewed'.

you should leave 12 to 24 hours of no NDT prior to a blood test


Just what I was going to say :)


I had taken it only a couple of hours before/ Could it go that high for that reason?



if you felt well at the dose you were I'd suggest trying to stay at that dose and repeat blood test in a while and take NO ndt for 12-24 hours prior to test, I always leave 22 to 24 hours actually


Ok, I presume you'r right. Thank so much, I was so confused. even if my doc always tells me I AM THE ONE WHO KNOWS, when i saw the numbers I felt totally lost. i am sure it'll be ok that way. thank you : )


This is a link from STTM


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