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Does any one have extreme muscle weakness?

I'm getting increasingly worried about this. When I had a frozen shoulder, followed by the other one, it was understandable. I got to the point where I couldn't even carry a very light handbag, and though I had an operation on one shoulder and loads of physiotherapy and osteopathic treatments on both - going on for years - the pain has never got better, I've developed fibromyalgia, and have the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. I had an operation on one wrist for CTS nearly a year ago but it didn't relieve the symptoms, and in fact they’re now worse.

Every day I come across things that I used to be able to do relatively recently; they’re quite small things, like opening the back door or getting the top off a bottle. There are many shops and buildings where I live that I can't get into because the doors are too heavy, and as I don't look infirm, I don't feel able to ask people to open doors for me!

Feeling very low at the moment because of this. I've told every medical person I've seen about these problems, but no one seems to have heard what I've said. One lot of physiotherapy I had (a physiotherapist said that I had less strength than patients of 80!) that concentrated on strengthening made me much worse for a long, long time – I tried some expensive acupuncture to try to put it right. I just wonder whether anyone else has this problem, and what the solution might be? Any attempts I make myself at strengthening just make things much worse for very long time, so I get a big setback again and again.

By the way, using the computer is very difficult because of pain, even though I use dictating software, so that's why I might be slow in responding at any time.

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Christabel, I could have written your words, your description mirrors well what I have experienced. I don't have any magic cure to offer I'm afraid. However, a starting point might be to look into vitamin D deficiency, and vitamin B12 deficiency if you haven't already done so. Both are strongly implicated in poor muscle function. Your GP can test for both of these. I'm sure others will chime in with their suggestions and experiences.


Another reason for extreme muscle weakness is low HGH (Human Growth Hormone). When that is low, muscles are reabsorbed and replaced with fat.

Low HGH is quite common in hypos, although doctors rarely test for it. We need T3 to make HGH, and we need HGH to convert T4 to T3, so it's a bit of a viscious circle.

Do you have receding gums? Have your lips shrunk? Do you have deep lines on your face, and 'bat wings' (sagging muscles under the upper arms)? If you have any of these then your HGH could be low.

Tests for HGH are not reliable so one has to test for IGF1. The two are connected.

Don't know if that's any help, but I thought I'd throw that in there.

Hugs, Grey


Thank you for this brilliant information Grey. This is all heling tremendously in understanding my special needs son's problems, and ammunition for when I next see his endocrinologist. Janet.


You're welcome.


I have muscle weakness, I have to walk upstairs like a child because I cannot put my weight through my legs. My b12 is 200 (range 180 - 900) and I get lots of tingling through my limbs. I have also cut myself twice recently trying to peel veg because the strength has gone in my. hands. Gp refused b12 as I am 'within range'. I am buying supplements as advised by this site but no improvement yet. Just had physio today as gp referred me as at a loss to know what else to do with me (GP words exactly) and physio asked about thyroid. I had not mentioned it to him. So I think from what this site has taught me b12 could be the culprit, grit tested, and hopefully you will get some treatment. Good luck!!!


Hi Nursey,

Just wanted to write about the B12, mine was 205, range 191-663, but after 2 months on Swansons 5000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual tabs daily it is now at 1089!


Thanks for that info. I realised I have been taking the wrong one so have ordered some via amazon as recommended on this site. Glad yours has gone up. Do you feel any better????


I feel much better, but I've also been supplementing with Iron, Vit D3 and have switched from T4 to NDT over the past few months.


I also have muscle weakness and am currently taking vit b12 but I am still in the early stages of that. I go to the gym on a regular basis and it takes me days to recover, with muscle soreness and joint pain, and pins and needles in my legs at night.

I have an appointment with my GP next week to review my medication, but one thing which I take which helps a lot is liquid amino acids. For me it's like taking pain killers, I only take one dose after the gym. (recommended dose 3 times a day) It doesn't taste nice, but it does seem to help me. Always better to get to the root of your problem though. Hope this helps!


Thanks for all replies. I've been taking B12 and D3 for about two months now.

Yana, could you say what brand of liquid amino acids you take, or perhaps they are all much the same?


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