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I havent been on here for ages...Can anyone help??

I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos/Hypothyroidism for about 14months. Taking 125-150mcg of levo daily.

About 5 weeks ago i was diagnosed with shingles but i've not really recovered. Endo has discharged me now as all adrenal tests were normal.

I feel exhausted all the time, even after trying the smallest amount of exercise i ache all over my body, feeling like i've been beaten with a big stick. Im currently signed off work by my GP and waiting for an appt at the CFS clinic.....Has anyone else been like this??

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Hi Law

Poor you shingles is horrid!!! and can leave fit patients feeling really drained!

mmm wondering what else they may have checked - which thyroid tests are they basing the all clear on?

Ferritin B12 Vit D etc etc are all important factors .See if you can find out more from looking up tabs on these. _ I get lots of aches and pains if these are not right and am finding I am much better with help from a new physio too i e acupuncture and massage..

Which adrenal tests did they do ? The synacthen test can be a really unreliable in checking out true daily variations in adrenal function. A 24 hour saliva test can be a better indicator again follow the tabs for these.

The ME CFS diagnosis can be helpful but only in dealing with work absence as it gives a bit of time whilst trying to find out what is really going on. I haven't found it useful in any other way though!

Good Luck you can feel better than this ! :-)


...just out of interest where is your shingles rash ? For many years after diagnosis I had painful hives on both arms and had to sleep with arms bound up to prevent scratching. They had the pain of a cold sore before it erupted and then would turn into an itchy spot before developing. I have been cured of this problem since changing to T4/T3 combo and then just T3. This of course could be a coincidence. Just wondered if in fact your diagnosis of shingles is correct. Maybe high dose VitC with Lyseine from Higher Nature would help.

You seem to be on a good dose of T4 - but is it converting into the active hormone T3 ? I have read somewhere that Hashimoto patients - me included - have bigger problems with absorption and of converting. Gut health is the long road to recovery I'm afraid with auto-immune health.

The above advice is also good from SarahStevenson. CFS is often LOW T3...take a look at posts by Shaws - search for her in the Directory and she will direct you to Dr Lowe's website and oodles of excellent information about Fibro/CFS being a metabolic illness.

Wishing you well soon............keep on reading..........when you feel strong enough....


Hi Make sure you have a recent TSH, T4 and Free T3 test, you may need more T4 ( thyroxine) or T3 as well. Without the test impossible to know, Be sure to have the ranges too.lots of other tests associated with thyroid disease would be useful too.


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