Best nights sleep in 7 months

Hi all fellow suffers and abused of the medical profession !

I forgot all about this wonderful pill, due to brain fog, and exhaustion'! A dear friend recommended to me(his mother was put on a mental ward, she had thyroid problems)

PHENERGAN try it you can buy it over the counter.

Lots has happend another ambulance trip to A&E will blog soon when feeling better.

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  • I was prescribed that as a child as I had really bad eczema and didn't sleep. It definitely worked!

    Sorry to hear you've had another A&E trip. I hope you're ok!

    Take care

    Carolyn x

  • Hi could you private message me?

  • Hi Scarfred

    Sorry to know you have had to go to hospital again and hope whatever has happened will resolve itself soon.

  • Googled Phenergan and there are many side effects. Glad you found this medication beneficial but it is always wise to check a product before taking. Even vitamins can cause problems as one can unbalance another as many here have pointed out. Proceed with caution makes sense.

  • Tried this and had awful dreams all night and very little sleep! Thought this might be a one off so tried it again with same results!

  • Friends of Scarfred,lots have happened ,unable to blog,will fill you all in when feeling better x

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