Has the Junior Dr given me the correct advise based on TSH readings???? Any advice would be greatly appricated!

My TSH should be between 0.5 and 2.0 (according to Endo) and I have been on 200 Levo for over 20 yeas.

The last couple of years my TSH results have been all over the place (may be due to menapause) and I have been trying to stabalise it.

On 8th Novemeber my TSH was 0.15 - at that point I was aternating between 175 one day and 200 the other day (as per Dr). Based on TSH being only 0.15 the Dr told me to drop down to 175 each and every day.

I had a re test on 25th Feb and just got results today. My TSH is now 0.05 and the Dr has told me to reduce back to 175 one day and 150 the next day - alternating each day. Does this sound correct??? I am vey confused!!!

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  • The difference between 0.15 and 0.05 is small. It could easily be due to time of day at which blood was drawn. Have a look here:


    I try always to have a blood draw at the same time - 08:00 or as near as possible.

    Or what you have been eating. Or supplements or other medications. Post-menopause can need less levothyroxine - but be careful of putting everything down to that.

    Glad your doctor is suggesting being careful and only making small changes - we see too many cases where doctors have slashed doses overnight.


  • Thanks so much for your reply Rod. I was worrying that based on the last TSH the Dr should have incresed my Levo and not decreased it again but I beleive If I have understood your kind reply correctly - I think you are ageeing that the Dr was correct in decreasing the Levo again. Many many thanks.

  • It might be right. We can hope so.

    If it feels wrong - go and ask for another test, have a discussion, post back.

    Don't sit there and suffer. :-)

  • Yes you give good advice. I will try the new dosage for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. I will repot back my findings. In addition the link you sent was very interesting. I will definatley ensure I have my blood tests at the same time of day. Many many thanks. Laura.

  • Hi This is common with GP`s, scared! I would first have T4 and Free T3 done if possible , through Blue Horizon, well known Lab, intermediate test for the 3 ( also the TSH) is £61 with the £10 discount ,if you quote TUK10. TUK site bloods, All very simple, then if GP will still not treat you according to these results, and how you feel, ask to see an endo, of your choice, not the GP`s. They are braver and not usually so frightened of trouble from the GMC etc.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Jackie - how would I go about getting the tests done through Blue Horizon? Is it on line or is there a number I can phone?

  • Hi Louise, than you so much for the link - I had no idea this service exited until Jackie mentioned it. I am very new to all of this!

    Many thanks !

  • Hi Yes, Louise has beaten me to it. All very simple and importantly results to you and no docs authorisation needed. The Lab is the same one as all the private hospitals called TDL so well known.

    Incidentally ,I only found your reply by chance. If you want to reply to some one click, "reply to this". Takes a bit of geeing used to!


  • Thank you Jackie, hope I have replied correctly and you have received this. I will definatley keep the details for Blue Horizon to hand - never knew about this service. Thank you so much!


  • Hi Laura, Yes, it is a shame when people reply and I do not know.I use Blue Horizion a lot as my NHS will never do FT3 ,which my endo and I think essential, just so easy.There was nothing like that when I was struggling, years ago.

    Best wishes.


  • Many thanks Jackie and all the very best to you.

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