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Thyroid is really messed up ???

Hi Im 21 years old, I was first diagnosed with a visible goiter and a very very overactive thyroid. However that was in June and since then it has never been stable and it has ranging from one extreme to the other (overactive then very under-active) currently it is under-active but still on tablets for overactive. Blood is due in a few days so we will the results then but apparently I also have significantly high levels of antibody's ? Could anyone shed some light as to why this has happened or how normal it is ??

PS goiter is no longer present

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Welcome newdiag (but sorry you're here & have thyroid problems)

- have you been diagnosed with Hashimotos (the common autoimmune form of Thyroid trouble which flits from over to underactive) or Graves (autoimmune overactive) ?

We ask if you can get your blood results (& ranges) to post them here, so members can get a better idea to help. What sort of antibodies? and don't accept 'normal'.

Sadly doctors don't tend to look at the cause, just treat symptoms. Goiter is usually an indication that your body is trying to produce more thyroid hormone, but not always.

One way you can help yourself is to ask for vitamin and mineral tests as these seem to be underlying problems affecting (or affected by) the Thyroid. Ask for Irons - ferritin, folate and B12 and Vitamin D tests to start. and don't forget to eat well regularly (I forget to & feel weird)

best wishes Jane :D


Hi Jane Thank You for answering my question. I think the doctor agreed the goiter was due to over active thyroid. I just know that in the begging it was so overactive it was near dangerous. For the antibodies they tested for some kind of genetic component ? My doctor never told me the levels he just said it tested positive for antibodies and a very high number was present. I don't know if this is relevant or not but right now I have tonsillitis but I have been getting pain were the thyroid is located. ?

Thank you I will ask for those tests, How are you ? @spareribs


Thanks for asking, you are very kind with all you trouble too - I'm still undiagnosed hypoT (despite TSH 5.12 & half a thyroid out) but I got tested privately for Vit D3 and def feel better with supplements (prefer sunshine!). most others here are on Thyroid treatment so I'm not a good example!

thinking back I kept on getting tonsillitis, just got antibiotics then. I'm sorry you have pain too. OK your goiter has gone - have you had a scan?

Hyper? That's different I was led to think goiter was under active Hypo, but with Hashimotos autoimmune (or Graves) it is a roller-coaster.

have you had a browse round the main site TUK? thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/index....

maybe you'll find some answers - but as we don't know what it is yet, we can't guess (and we're not docs here either).

Again please ask for a printout of your blood results (you are entitled to them btw part of the freedom of info act) my take is they don't show everything, but it's a start. I wish I knew more to help, please keep us updated on how you're feeling. Jane :D


ps - did you doc elaborate on the 'genetic component' and take your family history into account? J


Hi Spareribs

Please read all my blogs and questions, you can private message me if you wish and ask me anything you want. It has taken me over five long years to get a correct diagnosis of my illness I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2008. Last week I was rushed to hospital with AF.


Hi your situation sounds the same as me in and out of hospital for 5-6 years before i got a diagnosis of graves disease. I have been on carbimizole for over 2 years and now waiting a total thyroidectomy. What is af if you dont mind me asking? xx


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