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WDDTY - What Doctors Don't Tell You magazine

I received this month's WDDTY magazine this morning as I subscribe. As usual there are some very interesting articles.

There are several pages covering thyroid. I would have like to have seen more details on symptoms and wish that Thyroid UK could have been mentioned but it is a good article.

There are some other articles that are real eye openers, well worth a look. I subscribe but you can buy a copy from WHSmith, One Stop and some supermarkets in a few days.

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I will look out for this ..thanks


WDDTY could have been really good, and we really need a good source of health information.

Unfortunately, I think their news is put together in haste and it shows - I spotted a number of obvious errors in some of their recent news articles. The errors got corrected, but by then I think it's too late - people had already read the article.


I agree, with this single paragraph example:

Dr Durrant Peatfield's crime was his use of a range of diagnostic methods rather than relying solely on blood tests, and his preference for prescribing the much more powerful (natural) thyroid hormone Tertroxin (T3) rather than Eltroxin, the usual UK version of the synt...

Since when was Tertroxin "natural"?

Since when was "Eltroxin" the "usual UK version ..."?



Suze, I hadn't looked at WDDTY in awhile, they do get some interesting articles but the old standards of writing seem to have disappeared. Correct grammar, correct spelling, and fact checking seem to have disappeared in the modern age. I was reading an article about the basal temp test, developed by Dr. Broda O Barnes, SHE was a thyroid expert in the US. PR


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