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I wonder if anyone else has had what I've got for the last coupl of weeks all I've had are ore throats and a hoarse voice get rid of the sore throat and then I get another one I have never suffered so much with these sore throats don't get a cold with it just the throat, could go years without even a snuffle so don't know why I'm getting them now.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Tina x

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Sorry you suffering. The only thing I can think of is you should get it checked out as your health is important and you know your own body better than anyone. So if things have changed or symptoms continue or keep coming back, especially if you have thyroid problems get checked out.


Can't help I'm afraid, but I do think you might get more replies if you give a clue as to what your question is about.


Hi I have Hashimotos. My thyroid has been stable for many years. I have a very enlarged thyroid + nodules.( Ultrasound) I cannot have a Biopsy. My voice has been getting worse for years. The last few years, I cannot make myself heard and I cannot raise my voice. I also have Sjogrens, a common autoimmune disease. it makes my throat, and the rest of me very dry.

I hope that helps.



Don't know why but this is quite typical, I had the same and now have lost my singing voice!! Thanks, thyroid!!


I also lost my singing voice (not that it was very good) . I went to the dr and was sent to get my throat checked and it was found that I had a nodule on my voicebox so it was duly operated on. Later that day my voice was back to normal and I could sing again. Still not very well but I do like singing. That was 2 years ago and I have been underactive just over 6 years.

Jo xx


The hoarse voice is a typical symptom of hypothyroidism because smooth muscle is greatly affected. In fact, to this day when I fall short of my thyroid hormone my voice is the first to let me know.


Do see your GP about this - it may well be to do with hypothyroidism, but in my case, it wasn't - hopefully all will be fine & at least it'll be on your medical records that you're suffering with sore throats & hoarseness.

Take good care

Helen x


I will second this, see your GP, you should get a referral to ENT if the hoarseness continues. I had a hoarse voice but ignored it because I am Hypo. After a few months and also losing my upper notes (I sing a bit for fun) I decided to take myself off and ask for a referral. I had "something" (a nodule) on my larynx I was told. Absolutely petrified I had an operation to remove the "something" which thankfully turned out to be a "nothing". Don't get complaisant. Get anything checked out if it goes on.


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