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I could explode!

Well having felt great for some time until yesterday, I could now explode.

I feel so bloated and tired and cant even be bothered to eat but I for myself to have something. Sleep eludes me and I have stuff spinning round in my head that I cant sort. It not that I have not tried to sort it I have. Its all very complicated as per usual.

I am trying to get in touch with an old friend who has been brought back into my thoughts thanks to another event in my life. Thanks to the internet and social sites I have sent that person a message and hope they may get in touch again after many years. That is at least some thing I could do.

The other bits again an email and wait and see if I get a reply or response on that matter. Both of these are finely linked. The third is my past come back to haunt me again bringing back bad memories that as hard as I try I can never finally get rid of. And the one person who I would have shared all this with to make sense of it has passed away. He was my rock and is my Guardian Angel and always will be. :'(

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Sorry you are having a bad day. I hope tomorrow is a better one. xx


As Betty said. I hope you feel better soon.

Are you on enough medication?


I am on enough medication according to the doctors as my tsh is 0.62 I would like a bit more but they wont let me have it sadly. Next test due in march / april and then I see the Endo again.

I was even worse yesterday so I am thankful I am a little better today. I just hope I get a reply to the message and email I sent that will help, one of them especially but part of me feels that neither will have the good grace to reply. Its not the first time I have tried to sort this but last night the flood gates just opened and I cant even put into words the pain I feel inside right now as the tears roll down my face with Just be by Paloma Faith in the background.

Thanks for your support I really need it today x


Sorry you are feeling so bad and hope you get things sorted soon. Xxxx


I think that is one of the worst things about this illness - the constant mood swings. We can go from feeling o.k.ish to rock bottom in 0.60 seconds and sometimes it takes a while to work out what has triggered it. What a non thyroid sufferer would shrug off a thyroid sufferer will take to heart and it will leave us devestated for days.

Please dont sit there crying and playing (what I call suicide) records. Play something up beat and try not to dwell on things to much. I hate to think of someone being so sad that they are crying and am sending you a HUGE big virtual hug.

Could I suggest trying to cut out wheat for at least a week to see if it relieves the bloating, it has with me and has given me more energy.

Lets hope the weekend bring you some happiness.

Moggie x


Thank you all for your support today off out to work! to provide care to others - I will do my best anyway.


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