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just recieved blood results with not taking thyroxine that morning

Hi just rang the docs, i didn't take the thyroxine the day of the tests and my tsh has come back as 0.68, i don't know what to think, every time its a different level i'm on 125mcg of thyroxine and i am soooooooooo thyroidal. I need the strength to fight the endo in march and i don't feel like i have the energy never mind the strength xxxx

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What are your FT4 and FT3 levels?


hiya muffy i just rang for them results and they hadn't checked them ones xxxxxx


Perhaps you should request at least an FT4 test. Most labs won't test for FT3, although you really need the whole picture as maybe you aren't converting your T4 into T3 (the active hormone).


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