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My wardrobe

I have a couple of days annual leave with all the good intentions of having a clear out and giving my neglected home a good 'spring clean' - in between straying to post on here!

I'm a bit of a hoarder and decided enough is enough and some stuff just has to go. Looking into my wardrobe and chest of drawers I suddenly realised my thyroid journey can be mapped by the contents.

How many pairs of trousers and skirts does one person need anyway? How many shoes and bras? Answer - depends on thyroid status and whether I weigh 6 or 11 half stone!

I still have one hyperthyroid size 8 trousers which were too big for me then anyway, alongside my hypothyroid size16s and all the sizes in between.

I've even got different shoes sizes as swollen feet waxed and waned between size 5 1/2 and seven! I thought it was the blinking global market mucking about with sizing. The bras which signify a voluptuous bosom alongside a couple of pitiful empty sacks are now in the bin!

I'm settled on 150mcg one day and 175mcg the next = size 10 and I'm not budging - for now.

If only I had found a site like this before, I could have saved my self a fortune!

p.s just a lighthearted post for once and in no way intended to diminish the pain so many people are going through on their personal journey....


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Hi what a great post. I know what you mean by the clothes too except mine span a different range. I am interested to know how you got to and keep your size 10 and if you still have your own thyroid. I don't have mine and I take less medication at 150mg one day and 125mg the next. Oh to be size 14 I would be happy lol


Hi GuardianAngel

They nuked my Graves thyroid with RAI so I guess that means I don't have one!

I can honestly say that over the years the amount or type of food I eat has had no relationship to what size or weight I am.

I ate for England when I was hyper and couldn't stop losing weight: to the envy of my friends. At other times when hypo and no appetite with a meagre diet, the pounds piled on and couldn't be shifted.

I settled for a long time at size 14 and kept all the other sizes - just in case.

Since joining this site, I have learned so much and realised I was living in complete ignorance with symptoms of hypo from being under medicated. Fortunately for me, I have led a normal and happy life but have put up with symptoms because they became so normal for me. I thought that was how life is!

Over the last 18 months, I have very gradually increased my thyroxine from 100mcg to 150 one day and 175 the next and taken vitamin D3. Most of my weight loss has definitely been down to fluid. I hadn't realised just how swollen my feet, legs and fingers were and I could go the whole day without needing a trip to the loo. A couple of really nasty kidney and bladder infections alerted me this was not right.

Before my thyroid problems, I was always a naturally thin person. My theory is that I have just gone back to 'normal' for me by being correctly medicated. Consequently, (again my theory) I suspect others who may be naturally heavier may not find it easy to lose the pounds.

Of course, I wouldn't advocate anyone ever using their medication as a means of weight loss - thyroid health is far too fragile and important for that, as tempting as that may be for some.

I really do hope I'm not coming across as smug having managed to lose weight - that absolutely happened to be a fortunate by-product of getting the right levels for me. I'm glad just not to be dropping off to sleep at all times and not aching all over any more!

Good luck in your journey to health xx.


I would like to up my dose back to 150mgall the time but they wont let me. I have had weight loss hypnosis and dont eat alot at all. I have put on 5 stone in 7 yrs and have got back in to 2 skirts each a different size. lol

I will keep going as we all do. With one teenager to keep an eye on and my online dating sagas life is not dull lol.


Cant even remember the last time I was a size 10 - but like you I am hanging on to them "just in case" - in case of what? In case a bloody miracle happens and I somehow manage to lose all this extra weight and can fit into them again.

Your comment on the "global market messing about with sizes" made me smile.

Great blog and great to hear you sounding so upbeat edit - long may it last (along with your size 10 - you lucky so and so)

Moggie x


This give me a smile, I have always been 10 or 12 now I am bursting into size 14, started exercising so will let you know, shoes have never been a problem, it is so good to know us women can share experiences on here, sometimes you feel a little isolated, my husband is great but I dont think he really understands, thanks girls....


I am glad you have found the right dose for you and long may it continue.


It's good to hear you are stable now. I'm stable but a size 18 stable compared with the size 8 before thyroid and size 8 during T3 treatment. My wardrobe is a little like yours but I don't want to throw away my smaller sizes in case I lose the weight and get back into them again (probably not the size 8's though, lol!) Perhaps by the time I do get back into them, they'll be back in fashion ;)

It's lovely to hear a light-hearted post about your not-so-light-hearted journey. It sounds like a very difficult and stressful time. It's good to hear that you are now doing so much better :)

All the best

Carolyn x


Yes great blog and very amusing :) I think I am pretty well medicated but the weight is not shifting yet. Will have to try harder :D xx


Great blog made me smile, first time in ages. I have been a size 8 to size 22 through my life with no change of diet. In the summer I took one size large shoe due to swollen feet.

There was one think that never altered and that's was my boobs! I hope I can mention boobs they are and always have been, even during pregnancy. 32a 34b. Wonder why the weight never added to the boobs?

Thanks for making me smile. I will sign off with a quote from an American writer who has inspired me, she her self was diagnosed with Addison's Disease in 2011. Another Autoimmune Disease.

" I am beginning to measure myself in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles."

Laura Halse Anderson Wintergirls

Thanks for the smile.


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