Would anyone be interested in sharing hair care, skin care tips? I am about to start the new Tresemme Platinum Strength range and wondered

If anyone would like to know how I get on.

I am also looking into the best eyebrow filler-ins, mine are like a Bobby Charlton combover - really sparse and fooling nobody!! I have watched soon many You Tube tutorials and read every review I can lay my hand to - Mac "omega" seems to fit the bill. I will be sending my lovely husband out to purchase this for me, he already went to Superdrug for me today, bless his little cottons! Again would anyone like to hear my thoughts on it? Xx

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  • I use liz earle cleanse and polish, gorgeous product and as a treat or when I can afford I love red ken shampoo and conditioner colour xtend x

  • Thanks tingles. I too like Liz Earle but find it isn't quite moisturising enough on my very dry cheeks and eyes. I have been using Emma Hardie Moringa Balm which smells amazing and works better for me at the moment. It is quite expensive but QVC have some good deals xx

  • Hi is love to hear how you get on, my eyebrows look terrible no shape to them and can't be shaped as I've not for enough to do or with! So any tips would be greatly received! I used to have really thick hair and all my life I hated it. It was such a pain to handle however over this past year it has started to thin out and I'm actually able to deal with it myself. So in one way my hypo has helped me out - just as long as it doesn't thin anymore! I use Treseme Keratin shampoo & the conditioner and once a week with the hair mask. I have found this to be the best so far and only £5 a bottle I'm happy with that!

  • Would love to know how you get on. My skin is so dry and itchy to the point of getting skin rashes; nails brittle and breaking and my hair, well, it is getting so thin and sparse, dry and brittle that I feel awful and sure I look awful too!

  • I know exactly what you mean. I had to have a lot of my hair cut off because it was just so dry and brittle, I could literally hear it snap when brushing it. I have found Tangleteeze to be a great boon, it's an odd shape and takes a bit of getting used to, but it is kinder to the hair then an ordinary brush. You can get them in Boots. They come in a range of colours should you have a preference.

    For my body I have been using Sanctuary products. They smell divine and as we'll as doing an intensive body butter they also have a body serum so I have been layering that on first followed by the butter. But if your skin is a bit sensitive at the moment E45 have some great intensive body lotions.

    I will update n the hair products after I have been using them for a while. They say you should get results in 2 weeks so I'll keep you posted - if I don't find something soon then my hair will make Phil Hardies off of Time Team look like a glossy mane!! Xx

  • Thanks for the info, will get on it right away! Best wishes to you...

  • Best wishes to you too xx

  • Being an oldie ex hairdresser, and also hypo....I personaly wont spend a great deal of money on hair products.....mostly hair comes out at the root, and is usualy a hormonal prob....I take plenty of vits to help , but dont waste money anymore on fancy products.....just use a leave on conditioner to prevent breakage...no products will stop it falling out..... so just help from the inside.....

  • my nails are exactly the same, makes no difference what I do. However my skin before I was diagnosed was like yours all over my stomach and on elbows but now I am medicated, thankfull I dont get this any more. Have you had your levels checked recently?

  • Hi Tingles. I had my dosage put up last week and am still waiting for it to kick in. I have to have new blood test in 7 weeks now, and also test for Hashimoto's. xx

  • glad to hear things are moving forward for you xxx

  • Thanks Misscherrychoice. I will certainly update you on the brows. There are lots of choices out there - I have spent days researching info. It looks like powder form applied with an angled brush is the most natural way to go. I will be trying it with a pencil underneath too, just to test whether this might be better.

    There are ones with inbuilt fibres in a gel delivery system but after watching tutorials I found they were messy and you didn't get enough payoff imho. However should one cross my path when, please god, I am finally able to have a shopping expedition I will purchase it and try it for myself xx

  • Treseme naturals are good and cheap!

    Also my cousin has had permanant tatoo eyebrows which cost about 250 but look so real! Karen betts is a good person to go to

  • Thanks gemmac. Apparently only hairdressers feel that Treseme is the devils work,!!

    I will research permanent tattoos should be interesting. Xx

  • I had my eyebrows tattooed and wish I had done it years earlier. Make sure you get a good tattooist though!

  • Great idea to share tips Monster and thanks for the info about the Mac product...I'm an avid product junkie and I'd never heard of it. One of my friends has hers tattooed and it looks great, but the effect is just a little too "scouse brow" for me!

    I have always had lovely thick hair and it pains me greatly now it's thinning around the hairline. I have tried Phytocyane shampoo which got good reviews but had no effect at all, and am currently using Aveda Invati. The shampoo is very drying but does make hair feel thicker. The jury is out over the scalp revitaliser though. I SO wanted it to work but as I'm now on my second bottle and my hair is the same I think I'm going to admit defeat :-( My quest continues though!

  • Thanks Infomaniac. Love the "scouse brow" ref - it's not a look for me either! I am of an age when less is more!

    I am also going to try the Treseme heat protectent spray as it protects up to a temp of 230 degrees. Good luck with the quest, we shall keep trying. Onwards and upwards as they say! Xx

  • Definately interested in any tips you have.

    My two penneth- because all my eyebrows fell out (not sparse - actually completely gone) I got eyebrows semi permanent tattoo so that I could swim or touch my face without worrying I had accidently wiped off the eyebrow pencil I used to put eyebrows on!!

    I think the main problem with eyebrows is that a) like it or not they do define your face and b) they are also perform a function in keeping water/sweat etc out of your eyes. So the downside to losing them is that your eyes are quite senstive as they keeo getting debris in them!!

    Anyway - re the semi permanent tatto - I was glad when I had it done. It was quite painful and expensive - I think it cost me I think about £350 first time and then I got it topped up for about £200.


    It is better than having to pencil on eyebrows everyday and worrying about them coming off

    It lasts about 12-18 months


    It looks much better and more realistic on people who have some eyerow hair rather than people who have lost all of it - but I guess that is logical

    It can look a bit dark and also if you have wide/tick eyebrows naturally this cant really be replicated using the tattoo as it would look too thick/false/odd??!

    It is expensive

    you do have to get it topped up once a year as it fades

  • Thanks Lizanne. I think I will just stick to make up as a brow solution. Ever the optimist I am hoping my levels will one day be stable and my eyebrows will grow back - tra lah!!! Although I might just tell my husband I am thinking about having a tattoo and leave it at that. I am sure his brain will go into overdrive!! Xx

  • Tresemme is cheap rubbish in my opinion, hairdresser of course lol. But if you like it then that's the main thing. I see you use QVC, try the revitabrow it works! I am a QVC addict, tried loads. I was off my meds for over 2 weeks and my skin was terrible dry. Only thing I felt helped my face was applying my cream more often. I used Judith Williams phytomineral, not my fave but it helped. Also Emma hardies moisture mask which I slept in. For over a year now I have used philip kingsley for my hair, best I've used,get elastizer, you will adore it.

    Shell x

  • Hi Shellybelly . Just to say thanks for the tip about using Emma Hardie moisture mask overnight. I did it last night and my skin felt totally soft and hydrated. I will using it again tonight. Xx

  • Have been using the Nioxin shampoo and conditioner. Hair is looking in better condition but there doesn't appear to be more of it! I only comb my hair after it's been washed in an effort to reduce shedding, otherwise I just run my fingers through it. Kinda get used to the dragged through a hedge backwards look!!

    I don't have any eyebrows at all. Didn't realise that tattoos needed to be topped up though so that makes it a very expensive proposition. Am very self-conscious.

    Years ago before hypo, I used the eyelash product which did work whilst it was used daily. When you stop, it reverts back.

    Good thread!!

  • Thanks Cinnamon girl. I will keep researching into anything that will make us at least feel better about ourselves whilst we are feeling bad within ourselves. Xx

  • Yes it does make it expensive but I think if your eyebrows are non existent and you very self conscious (I know I am and have had weird looks in the past when I have accidently rubbed off half my eyebrow pencil..:-( then its worth getting the eyebrows done. do make sure you go somewhere reputable/recommended as with no eyebrows/hair line to follow or colour in - you want to make sure they do a good job and give you the look you want.

  • Hi girls,

    I bought a 'Benefit' eyebrow kit, and love it! Even has a tiny pair of tweezers for the odd one that pops up in the wrong place. I think mine was about £26 on a flight but assume you can buy them from any Benefit counter, or on line.

    As for Tresemme, I wouldn't use it either, that goes for 'Head and shoulders' too. I'm not a hairdresser btw.

    My skin is feeling a lot better since I started using 'Bio-Oil'. I gently rub it in before bed and after 10 days or so it felt a lot better. It's about £7 a bottle and would last ages. Great for any dry parts, back of hands, front of legs.

    I'm sure we will all have our favourites. :)

  • Matrix hair products from my Hairdresser are lovely to use and not wildly expensive (about £6 to £7 for the shampoo). Also use Baylis & Hardng handcream for just about any moisturising and it seems to work for me.

  • I have lost the outer part of my eyebrows and when I can be bothered fill them in with some brown eyeshadow and an angle brush. This seems to work.

    For my face, which is not particularly dry (am very lucky and heading to 60 and no lines whatsoever) I buy a cheap face cream and then add aromatherapy oils and jojoba oil. (I am aromatherapist.)

    For body lotion I buy cheap Tesco aqueous cream and add oils as above. This works well for me.

    A friend has developed alopecia and I looked this up on the internet with regard to essential oils and I found some information about a clinical trial using jojoba oil and lavender, plus some other essentials and they found that 44% of people responded to this and started to regrow hair. (This is from memory so cannot recall exactly.)

  • Interesting that so many people dont rate Tresemme. I do use Bed Head shampoo and conditioner and also the Trevor Sorbie shampoo that adds volume/thickens and thats great.

    Re Bio Oil - couldnt agree more - I think its a fantastic product for face and body and lasts forever!

  • I have just used my new Tresemme products and I have pleasantly surprised by the result. The shampoo had a rich, creamy lather that cleaned well and washed out easily. Now my hair after shampoo is just a baby fine, thin, brittle mess and I usually use Aussie three minute miracle as my daily conditioner, but the Tresemme conditioner although light in texture went through my hair like gangbusters when I was combing it through. After patting my hair I then applied two pumps of the leave -in conditioner ( which looks and feels like a serum ) and left my hair to air dry.

    The result is It made my hair feel like hair!!!!

    I will be trying the deep conditioner at the weekend and will report back if anyone would like to know. Xx

  • Hi Monster-of course we want to know...and are rooting for you (no pun intended!)

  • Thanks Infomaniac. Believe me I love a good pun!! Xx

  • I prefer to avoid anything with parabens colour or preservatives. Natural ingredients are best. Sainsburys do a good one also faith from oxfam or online is ver good.

  • I try only wash my hair every 3 or 4 days to avoid it getting too dry/brittle and also to avoid it falling out! I use a deep conditioner each wash too. I use a few clip in extentions the same length as my own hair as my hairs so thin. My eyebrows arent too bad luckily but i do fill them in with a pencil :)

    Moisturise my face evening and morning tends to stop it getting too dry, my nails however are a write off... nothing i can do about them!

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