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If I won the lottery

The conversation always comes up what would you do if you won the lottery most people say cars,houses,holidays etc.

Mine would be private health with the top doctors would be so nice they have to listen because you're paying them to.When you show them info they say oh what a wonderful find.

I have seen a few interviews with celebrity's who say oh felt terrible until I was diagnosed and now I feel great to be given the chance to try new things under guidance would be a wonderful thing.Admittedly I don't feel half as bad as I did but to feel great would be like winning the lottery.Oh and I'd live somewhere warm :)

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If it was a large win, I would like to think that some form of Thyroid establishment could be created. Where the best of science, medicine, etc. could meet with the worst patients and do their best.

Also doing research and helping to establish good practice everywhere.

Trouble is, even an amount that would provide everything I could ever want for me personally would disappear into the blackhole of medicine so it would need one of the biggest wins.


This is exactly my wish also. I was only thinking this exact same thought last week.


And of course you'd make a really fat donation to Thyroid UK so that they can continue to do even more to help people with thyroid disorders :D

Donate to Thyroid UK

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P.S sorry for hijacking your blog VanessB, but it had to be done :D


I'm not precious all in a good cause ;)


:-) I often dream about this....I would pay for a full time, very experienced fundraiser so that we could pay for all of the above! :-) x


I'd definetly make a large donation if it was a big win as I can imagine fund raising for thyroid would be quite difficult as like most doctors the general public think thyroid disorders are not a problem.


Agreed. Thyroid is not seen as life threatening either, so that puts it way down near the bottom of the priority list. Only those of us who have suffered badly realise how vital the correct amount of thyroid hormone is for a body and brain to function in the way they are designed to.

Even small donations help. Every penny counts ;)

And every membership fee helps too


If I won the lottery, I would go and get myself a full work up of everything!!

Then get anything found sorted out.

Get all stupid a$$ GP's and endo's that stick fully to the 'limits' retrained to ignore the limits and go off how the patient feels. Come on, an upper limit of 10 is beyond a joke!!

Then when all is done, go and kick Richard Branson off Necker island and live there!!

Ann xxx


Whilst waiting for the clinic to open I would send every GP copies of Dr S's book and also 'Why do I feel so tired' by Martin Budd so they could do their homework before attending workshops in their local health authority area.

They seem to ignore the fact that they would save money by correct diagnosis rather than sending us here there and everywhere for other tests.


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