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Blood test booked for 18th Feb, fingers crossed I get results to explain my symptoms

In August last year I was diagnosed with hyper thyroidism and put on carbimazole, was then overmedicated, so stopped medication. The endo believes it was viral thyroditis.

Since then my results in November were 'normal' however I'm not convinced that a TSH 3.4 (0.5-4.7) is normal. I have extremely dry skin (to the point of itching so much it bleeds), have gained 7lb since xmas, feel so exhausted (feel drained and even getting a shower in a morning I feel like i need a sit down half way through), have tired achy muscles and pain in some joints. So I'm hoping my results will be out of range so I can get the GP to do something.

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I hope you get better answers than I did.

I spent last summer being passed from one consultant to the other, with one stating that there is too much of a difference with my TSH and the other hormones, and that I needed treatment and sent me to see the so called best endo.

Yeah right, as he says that both levels are 'within normal boundaries' he wont treat me until my TSH gets near 10!!!!

So in the meantime, I too am exhausted, daily life is getting harder and harder, my hair is coming out, my skin is bone dry, and am at a loss as to where to turn to next, if my GP doesnt have anything for me on Wednesday,as he is supposed to be going through my bloods again as I have asked for a second opinion from another endo.

Good luck hun

Ann xx


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