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Sorry to post results again, should I have been medicated on these results? tar x GP says normal, im not convinced?

serum t3 6.70 pmol my throglobulin antibody is 675

serum 3 t4 24 pml

TSH 0.01

thyroid p antibody 16 iul. does not support a diagnoses of Graves

what do you think, does the thyglobulin antibody support hyperthyroidism, or hashi? The thyroid P antibody was normal.

The N H S will not test I think TSI as the other parameter are normal, my T4 is coming down but TSH is still the same.

any suggestions Here?

I was sent away with HRT and was told to come back in 8 weeks.

thanks, your comments give me power. xx

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As the almighty TSH test is low, I am surprised your doctor isn't at all worried. I'm afraid I don't really know much about hyperthyroidism, but if you are feeling unwell it suggests something is not right. I doubt a TSH of 0.01 can be explained by menopause, even if feeling hot can be.

Your T4 and T3 are right near the top of the range (or possibly over? You haven't given reference ranges so it's difficult to tell).

Hopefully someone else will be along soon with some more specific information for you.

Carolyn x


Carolyn, you made me chuckle, the almighty TSH indeedie,

thanks, I no the answers but need clarification, to prove im not utterly insane ( which I am) lol

love the scottish parliment vid, remarkable, lovin it.

have a nice day and tar.



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