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Me Again... re; 5.2 regime. not a diet a lifestyle change!

i just wanted to say... ive lost 3 lbs on this new idea. i am over the moon!!!! 2 years diagnosed and only ever put on! so now im loosing at lastand its easy!!

For those who dont know its 5 days eating "normal" and 2 days at 500 cals (600 for men)

no plan, no books, no scales no weighing at clubs. nothing except your determination and a couple of hungry eves( not always tho)

i am soo taken with it!

look it up on google... horizon prog michael mosley. it will explain all.

for the firat time i can see me in the summer , slimmer and happier, brilliant lifestyle change,

cheers xx

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Well done - great news :)

I decided to try this yesterday myself but gave up at about 5pm as I felt awful :( Don't think my system can cope with the dive in blood sugar that this must produce. My husband managed to keep to it though and is very happy. xx


I have hypoglycemia and have a hard time dieting and still keeping my sugar at the proper levels. It's a daily struggle.


I started it two weeks ago so this is my third week. I lost 3lbs the first week and 1lb the second. So far this week its not seemed as bad and they say the first 3 weeks are the worst. My hubby has lost 7lbs on it so far and he needed a lot of persuasion to do it and hes finding it a doddle. Make sure you drink a lot - water is best and if you get a headache its because your body is getting rid of toxins so stick with it.

The good side is also what its doing to your body as has been proved by the many studies that have been done and are still on going.

Well worth sticking with just knowing you can eat normally the next day!! :-)


Well done - that's an achievement.


I started this tuesday, 2nd fast day today :)


I have been doing a version of this diet since early September and have so far lost 31.5 lbs.

I always found it nigh on impossible to lose weight and am so happy that I have at last found something which works and importantly that I feel able to stick to.

I don't consume any calories Monday through to Saturday until six in the evening, in addition I fast on no more than 400 calories on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Sunday I don't have any calories until a late lunch at about 3pm. I know it sounds tough and it was at first but it becomes surprisingly easy to stick to.

For me the real bonus is that I only have to last one day on the very restricted calories, I know that the next day I can eat normally ( all be it not until six). While nothing is restricted I have also tried to eat foods with a low GI and I start each day with the juice of a fresh lemon in warm water.

When I get to a size I am comfortable at, I hope that I can maintain by fasting once a week on a Monday. There is stacks of information about fasting on the Internet and the Horizon program is available via you tube. I wish the best of good luck to anyone who gives it a go.


Great to hear! Congratulations all of you.

I'm starting this on Monday and fasting (500 cals.) for 2 days. I too have just put on weight - I have 28lbs to lose. I'm not looking forward to it as my husband is at home all day and he needs constant feeding. I did something similar a while back, only eating 'til 3 p.m. and lost a 1lb on each day but somehow I drifted and forgot about it.

Fingers crossed.


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