Had RIO last June, i started to feel much better, But I have now started to get aches in my joints,

Also i am finding that i am getting uncomfortable around the hip area if i sit for too long. back ache is becoming an issue too, My feet have a hard job, getting going, I have started getting the sweats again although not as profusely as before and also i have just developed the cough (I am multi-nodular Hyper) which is like biscuit crumbs in the throat in the last week. Hospital had signed me off as i had 2 stable blood tests, however they want my GP to monitor every 3 months for a year. Next test due beginning of March.. Do you think it is all starting all over again?, also are there illnesses related to Hyperthyroidism.. Thank you

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  • MrsR,

    Can I check that you mean radio-active iodine ablation of your thyroid?

    If I were you I would do two things. First, if you have not got them, get your actual blood test results, including reference ranges. Second, go to your GP and ask for a test now - none of this waiting around for another month or so.

    This says how to get your results:


    (I don't know much about hyperthyroidism, so tend not to answer. But did not like your post sitting there apparently ignored.)


  • I agree, get your test results and ask your GP to test immediately as RAI does not always work first time. Lyn

  • Thank you both ,yes its Radio Iodine Abalation, Rod. and thank you lynmynott, i have now booked another blood test

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