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Info on questions you should ask when you first visit an Endo (I am hypothyroid)

I have an appointment with a Dr Lindsay at the western infirmary on 14/2 and was wondering if anyone could give me guidelines on the important questions to ask.

I have been hypo for 12 years but never seen anyone in all this time apart from my GP and a doctor whom I was sent to to investigate headaches in the very beginning,..and he was the one who said I think you might be hypothyroid and that was how I got diagnosed he wrote to my GP and they sent a blood sample to the lab and it came back that I was indeed Hypo have been on Eltroxin 100mg. For virtually all of this time, but have not been feeling 100% for a long time but never got referred for more investigation no matter what I complained about ......it was just Oh it' just your arthritis OR for stomach problems no it's not this or that.........or for pain, unexplained rash, lumps on my leg and so on it was never anything to do with my thyroid...........BECAUSE. The results say it' s normal!

However my last results for my thyroid test from the Lab said *Abnornal* but acceptable on this dose of Levothyroxin?? results were (TSH 0.05 Free T4. 24.4. ) lab guide lines are. (TSH 0.35-5.00. u.) (Free T4. 9.0-21.0 u)

So I said how can it be normal if it is not within the guide lines and she said it was the Labs decision and she had to abide by that ........So I asked to see an Endo and she agreed so after about 8 or more weeks I got an appointment and now am worried that I don't know the correct things to say or ask when I get there.........HELP!

If anyone who has Attended the Western Infirmary thyroid dept could tell me if they saw this Dr Lindsay could tell me how their visit went OR even if it was someone else you saw can you give me an idea how to prepare for my visit? After all these years I want to try and make sure I don't waste my chance of help by being Inadequately prepared.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me

Kind regards


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Gigi, Your T4 being over the range might question whether you are converting to T3 which is the active form and which your body has to initiate when you are on that medication. That being said, being above the high range can sometimes be okay for T4. It would be good to see your T3 and reverse T3 levels which might prove which way to assess this situation. Hopefully your endo will examine those.


thank you Heloise, I will ask if they can test for this......hope they are willing to do it,

I will let you know how I get on

Regards Gigi


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