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Is this a first or has anyone else experienced this problem?

Had hemithyroidectomy,left side, 14 months ago. All went well and was signed off from hospital last July. MRI scan for my spine, completely different, showed large growth on right side of thyroid! Returned to ENT December, CT scan earlier this month, saw consultant this week. He was unsure what it was as it is retrosternal again, but looks lower than thyroid site. Now referred to Thorasic surgeon as could be enlagement of Thymus gland. Whatever it is have been told that to remove it my ribs/sternum will have to be broken! Info please from anyone on any of this, especially last part as how long do I need to take time off work, I work with young children, lengthstay in hospital. Plus if it is the other part of my thyroid I dread going onto thyroxine as so many bad stories about getting dose correct.

Thanks for anyone responding.

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Hi Oldfossil,Sorry you are ill and worried. Don't lat all the moans about thyroxine get to you,we would moan more if we didn't have it.

I'm not medical in any way but my husband had part of a lung removed two years ago. OK his ribs were broken from the rear,but six weeks or so later he was back at work.

Good luck with the op.


Beaton is right. Many people are very well on thyroxine. All the people I know personally with hypothyroidism do very well with thyroxine. Indeed, at least one of our very own admins on here takes thyroxine and it suits him very well. It can be a bit of trial and error, and take an element of re-educating your doctor in some cases, but once you are on the right dose there is a good chance you will feel well again. About 13% of people don't do well with thyroxine but there are other options available.

I hope all goes well for you. Please let us know how you get on and do ask further questions if you need to and we will do our best to help.

Carolyn x


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