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when i was first diagnosed,in 2010,my levels were <0.05[over active],then shot up to 110.38 two months later.it's been stable ever since,until a few weeks ago when i just knew the thyroid wasn't right.it's now 1.08.my docter said i'm depressed because my husband left me in october. i hope this blog makes sense i'm typing it o.k but it just looks a bit jumbled...foggy head and feeling tired doesn't help.

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  • Hi Momofthree, I just wanted to say how sorry I am for you. In my experience it's almost impossible to keep a marriage/relationship going with a lot of ill health. I do think that extra stress can really affect your thyroid function, maybe more than some doctors recognise. Really hope you can get back on track with everything really soon. Hugs. XXX

  • thankyou for your kind words,i'm finding it so hard to get my head round everything that has happend recently,that the thyroid problem seemed to just kick me while i was already down.i got a good supporting famliey so everything will be alright in the end.

  • I know what you are going through. I'm so glad you have lots of support. XXX

  • Hi Sorry you having a rough time. first thing that springs to mind is makes sure your Free T3 is OK , often high TSH is associated with low FT3 which, then needs treatment.with T3 Secondly make sure you see a good endo, do your research first. Thirdly do not put up with it. Fourthly lots of other bloods desirable but if see a good endo they will do all those.

    best wishes,


  • i'm not sure what all the T&F's are let alone all the differnt levels,so i don't feel i can ask for stuff if i don't know what i'm talking about.

  • Hi The main thyroid hormones that are easily tested and fairly routine. Are the TSH which is always done and the T4 which is normally treated by levothyroxine , fairly standard but does take a while and blood tests to get the right level. In the body the T4 normally converts unaided to some T3 but often it does not for various reasons. If the Free T3 is tested ( there is another test but not reliable) and it is low, it is normally concluded that the body is not converting as it should. in that case treatment with T3 on a script is desirable. T3 normally helps weight and lowers the TSH Without all 3 tests it may be impossible to get a correct diagnosis, if the GP is just doing the tSH it is not sufficient Untreated or not treated enough thyroid disease can appear as depression and anxiety and other things too.

    .If that is not clear do get back to me.


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