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MHRA on Twitter

MHRA on Twitter

The MHRA has today announced that you can follow them on Twitter. Details below:

Follow the MHRA on Twitter

The MHRA has today opened three new Twitter channels - a corporate channel and channels for medicines and devices safety information. Follow us on the new MHRA Twitter channels:

@MHRAgovuk is our corporate channel and lists the latest information and updates from the MHRA

@MHRAmedicines lists medicines information and safety alerts

@MHRAdevices lists devices information and safety alerts

@MHRApress lists press releases and statements from the MHRA Press Office

@MHRAherbals lists information on the safe use of herbal remediesp


4 Replies

Very interesting Rod!

I emailed the MHRA to ask for links to all clinical trials pertaining to the introduction of Levothyroxine over 50 years ago. They wrote back saying it was now a freedom of information request! I find that most odd.


didn't have you down for a twit Rod as you're a non fb-er? (I'm a twit too btw) J :D


I don't! But thought it might be of use to others who do.

Possibly easier for some? I really don't know. :-)

Whilst I cannot abide some aspects of Twitter, the idea that it can be used in a very serious way like this almost redeems it.


I joined a while back, as I wondered if famous people were quite normal, of course they are & good for news & thoughts, but also a lot of flack, then I forgot my password, as we do!

but causes seem to do better on fb - and I use it to find out what the family are really doing! - such as recent baby pics etc. they tend to go there first as it's easy with these fandangled smart phones - us oldies have gotta keep up, can't let the youngsters think we're daft! J :D


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