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Not sure if hypothyroidism

Sorry first questioners brief misread showman characterise had. My tsh has been rising over last 3 years. Started at 2.8 now3.8. I appreciate that this is not high but have been sstruggling with symptoms. Weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, joint pain, plantar fasciitis,

Low mood, no sex drive etc. Last year went to with these symptoms but as my sister in law had just died said it was grief/depression. I went back 3 months laterasfelt worse, I was signed off work for 2 weeks with stress/depression. Have started new job which is part time, enjoying it but so tired. I run on treadmill 3 x week and play netball but last couple weeks not been able to play as no energy. Scared to go back to gp again. I don't feel stressed but low because tired and fed up! Help.

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If you are able to afford a private consultation, Thyroiduk have a list of sympathetic doctors. It does look as if your symptoms are hypo and the fact that your TSH is on the rise is also a pointer.

I personally would not do exercises at the moment until you get a proper diagnosis as it takes too much energy and your metabolism is low till you get to optimum medication.

If your GP has not done a blood test for B12 and Vitamin D plus iron, ferritin and folate to make sure any of those are not complicating matters I would ask him to do them.


Hi you do not say which meds you are on? Also, you need to ask for the T4 and Free T3 results and tests if not done, ask for ranges of bloods always as a lot of them vary according to the Lab. ,If GP only doing TSH ask for others urgently and if not there are other ways of getting them. It sounds to me that you definitely need T3 on a script. You may just be on T4 which, also may be too low, only possible to tell from the results. If TSH high and weight high that is normally low FT3.A lot of us need FT3 to be near the top of range, T4 normally in the top third.



Thank you. Not on any meds as gp says I am normal. My last blood test was tsh 3.8. Free T3 was 4.5. I am not sure I understand fully. Maybe gp is right and not my thyroid but I have loads of the symptoms and feel rubbish. I maybe should ask for bt for iron and b12? Thanka for your help.


Hi it depends on the ranges at "your " Lab.That FT3 sounds low, you need a print out with ranges. Although It is in range , that would certainly be too low for me. My original problems started when my FT3 was very low, then it went below range and T4 went low. What is your T4? Try and get a pint out, ask receptionist, they do check with GP but standard procedure. Then post them for further advice.If still do not feel right, try and have a referral to a good endo but do your research first, most important, do not rely on who the GP knows.



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