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Is Dixarit ok with Levothyroxine?

Just been prescribed Dixarit,does anyone know if it can cause problems when also taking Levothyroxine?

Have checked guidelines for both medications but am not confident.

The irony is,I am taking Dixarit to stop the night sweats and disturbed sleep.I am therefore exhausted.I know thyroid levels are wrong and am waiting for this to be sorted by the clinic or GP.

Now,the Dixarit is causing severe drowsiness during the day.

I think this is a classic case of treating the symptom and not the cause.


Paula x

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I cant answer your question only sympathise as im in the same boat, i take amitriptaline to cope with muscle pain and disturbed sleep which is prob caused by the levo im taking for thyroid. im tempted to stop all medication to be honest. di



I took amitriptaline last year,when two discs in my spine popped out of position.It was agony and I couldn,t sleep.After a few days,decided to stop it.I was like a zombie when I woke up and it scared me.Luckily,I had surgery to put the discs back,pain then bearable.

It may suit some but it didn't suit me.

Whatever you do,keep taking the meds for your thyroid,as they are the essential ones.

Thanks for the sympathy,I feel like a big wuss!Give me childbirth anyday.At least that's over when the baby is born,

Paula x


I checked out clonidine and levothyroxine here:

No interactions were shown.





I take clonidine , am and pm for back pain , amongst other things but they have NOT stopped my sweats !! they have not made any difference to my thyroid meds.

Hope they help you Jan x


Hi Jan,

it's early days but at least I am sleeping till 2.30am,then the sweats start,so no sleep or very little.Good to hear of someone else taking it.If I can get a Doctor to address the thyroid problem,then hopefully will come off the clondine.




Hi Paula , I am now trying black cohosh for my sweats and although i have only been on them since last week I have noticed they are a little better !! anything is worth a try because the sweats are soooo bad arent they ,I also have a towel on my pillow to wipe myself which seems to help as well as mine seem to start in my head !! how do your's start ?

It is strange as well as the rest of the time my hand and feet are really cold so I have a throw on my sofa , then you get a sweat and have to throw it off , mad or what !!!

All the best Jan xx


Hi Jan,

my sweats start in my torso area.They come over me in waves,from about am.The worse thing is that they wake me up and I can't get back to sleep.So,I am seriously sleep=deprived.

I have stopped the clondine because the side-effects are too bad and no improvement.The doc didn't seem particularly bothered whether I took them or not just said to try it and stop if it didn't work.

Are you putting the night-sweats down to thyroid or menopause?

Paula x


Hi Paula ,

Well I had HRT and tried about 4/5 different one's and they did not help at all so I think it's part of thyroid and age , but I also think if you get your thyroid meds right it would help , last time I saw GP I said I wanted to try and increase my T3 ,and even though he said it wont help my brain fogs are a bit better I have lost some weight :) but that did not help sweats :( I think it's trial and error and if your Dr will try adjusting your meds with you and keep a check on your bloods it may help who knows but worth a try .

What side effects did you have with the clondine ? how I wish I was in my 30's again !!!


I am pushing to have my meds changed,so have to be patient.The side-effects were quite strong,I don't really want to post them here,if that's ok?

My gut feeling is,if I can get my levels right,everything else will fall into place.

I will persevere,it is my body and I am the one suffering all these problems.So,the docs will just have to put up with me until I feel right.

Thanks for the support,

Paula x


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