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Can taking up exercising at the gym cause changes in thyroxine requirements?

I had my thyroid removed about 10 years ago and have been on the same dose of Levothyroxine (150) for most of that time. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemo and radiotherapy and am doing well.

At the same time as I was diagnosed my GP said I needed to increase the dose to 175 which I did - I didn't look into it as I had enough to find out about with the cancer. However earlier this summer I started to get palpitations at shorter intervals which became more frequent by October. The penny dropped that it could be due to too much thyroxine and I went to the GP and had further tests and was advised to go back to 150. As a result of the change I found that my peripheral neuropahy which had also got worse over the summer improved significantly, the palpitations have gone away but I have lost my energy and got rather 'down'.

My question is - I started going to the gym on a 'Healthy Life' scheme via the GP earlier this summer too. I was really enjoying it. Could this have triggered the sudden change?

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I would say yes, Extra activity needs extra hormones. A healthy gland would automatically supply the extra and you wouldn't even notice. But if one has no gland at all, it has to come from somewhere else.


It can be an ongoing dilemma the higher thyroxine dose that makes you feel better and then the palpitations because you're on a higher dose. Some people get this and some don't so you have to choose between well and energetic with palps or down and slow without! Great choice, one I have been making for years. People on here do say that you can get a better balanced effect from the natural thyroid extract that makes you feel better without the palps so it's a matter of making choices and/or experimenting preferably with a knowledgeable practitioner which is what a lot of people on here wish they had! Yes exercise can make a difference because everything is working better and more efficiently and is going at a faster rate I don't think that Levothyroxine works properly that's why it does not suit some people..


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