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pins and needles

It is now driving me daft.

I was putting hair colour on my daughter, and my hand started tingling, pins and needles, even though I wasnt leaning on it, just holding a colouring brush and brushing colour onto her hair.

I first noticed it a few months ago, but put it down to having slept on my arm, or leaned on it etc, and it is happening at work too.

Is this sort of thing another symptom?

Ann xxx

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It sounds like Carpal Tunnel which can become very painful- another symptom. Hopefully it isn't.


I get this all the time all over my body when underdosed. Had it on my tummy and ouside lower legs yesterday and shaking with cold today so upping my dose. Am getting quite used to this now.


It does sound like the beginning of Carpal Tunnel syndrome and is worth speaking to your doctor about it who might be aware it can go hand in hand with thyroid issues. Physio might help if undertaken early enough and not something to ignore as long term, a minor operation might be required.


I had this, it developed into pain! I was unable to lift a cup without dropping it. It is the only thing that has got better since I started taking Levothyroxine. Have been on it 8 weeks now, next bloods tomorrow. Desperate for other improvements :(


Thank you xx

If it was my left. I would be thinking heart probs :( as you do.

I am ambidextrous, predominately right handed where I am getting the problem. I could understand it more from my left, as I carry everything, and do more with my left, especially at work.

Will ring the quack and see if I can get in at some point.

Thanks xxx


Hi there

Just from my experience I must again suggest you get those vitamins & minerals sorted first especially Vit D, B12 (as well as Thyroid meds optimised) before you consider it's Carpal tunnel - similar symptoms especially if it's bilateral - I couldn't even lift a saucepan (I began to question when my feet started tingling too)

I've avoided bilateral carpal and cubiltal tunnel surgery (so far - if you get referred to a surgeon they tend to want to operate!) by finding out I was low in Vit D & supplementing. Weakness, tingling etc gone - so must be worth considering first, although it's not a quick fix - good luck! Jane :D x


Could be carpal tunnel, i have had both hands done . Its pretty common with thyroid problems apparantly, Mine started off as tingling then ended up going completely numb when driving etc, especially at night, it used to keep me awake a lot but since having the operation they have been great x


I have had this in the last year..... I went to my doctor and told them and they just said carpel tunnel and gave me wrist supports. I was waking in the night with numb arms, found that hands and wrists went numb and tingly when driving for more than half an hour and if I lifted my arms for any length of time they went dead. Decorating my sitting room ceiling was a nightmare. I asked for help on here and was told get my vitamins checked and b12 in particular. After a lot of argey bargey my doctor agreed to do a full vitamin check and the results came back fine. I asked for my thyroxin to be increased from 125 to 150 as they had decreased it to 125 last year. Again I had problems getting them to agree and had to quote what I was told on here and inform them it is my body and I know my own body. As our ranges for thyroxin are so broad I wanted them to increase my level. Eventually we agreed that I take 125 one day and 150 the next. It is better but time will tell. I hope this helps. x


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