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The NHS trying to opt out of treating thyroid disease- my fight for scan and further blood tests for hyperthyroidism

My GP kindly arranged a scan (he insisted I was choking when eating ;) which showed two cold nodules, a former goiter and an atrophied thyroid. I saw my GP this morning and although a month had passed there was no sign of the results of the scan. Fortunately I had bullied the person doing the scan into giving me the clinical findings which I then checked out with Clinical Management of Thyroid Disease and passed the findings to my GP.

I have tachycardia, loose bowels, loss of hair, nervousness and tremour. I'm intolerant of heat. My GP is fantastic but the NHS refuse to budge and test for Graves antibodies because my blood references were normal apart from a high peroxidase level (indicating auto immune disease). GP referred me to a specialist who refused to see me as it is "common" for women to have raised anti bodies.

I asked my GP if he could test for Graves this morning and was told that the laboratory would refuse to do it. I asked him what he would recommend if I were seeing him privately and naturally I have an immediate referral for blood tests at the local private hospital. £££££ there is gold in those thyroids the NHS refuse to treat,

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It is very worrying for you with the symptoms you are having and we do look to the medical personnel to sort us out. Unfortunately, with thyroid gland problems it seems usually we have to search out information for ourselves. At least you have a good GP who is concerned for you and I hope everything turns out o.k. When you have had a proper diagnosis, you can get proper treatment, hopefully. The diagnosis by TSH is not at all reliable and we really shouldn't have to fund for tests which should be done by the NHS.

Best wishes


"GP referred me to a specialist who refused to see me as it is "common" for women to have raised anti bodies."

How can a specialist refuse to see a referral? This shows an increasing break-down within the NHS and lack of trust and belief between doctors. Mustn't it be nice to refuse to do a particular bit of work and still be paid, wish I had a job like that!

I hope that if the tests your GP has now arranged privately come back with significant results that he'll refer you to a different specialist (private or NHS), and that you will eventually be able to take some sort of action against this first one. I assume your GP charged you for writing out the blood test request? I'd never thought of asking my GP to do that.



No my GP didn't charge a penny for writing the request. Apparently specialists are within their rights to refuse a referral - my GP was furious especially as the specialist was so unpleasant about it.

Hopefully my GP can manage everything without an arrogant snot of a specialist.



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