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hyperthyroidism (graves disease), experiencing pain in the neck for few weeks, doctor says its normal and to ignore it?


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Hi i am 21 and was diagnosed with with graves disease (hyperthyroidism) recently. I am wondering is it normal to have pain in one side of your neck for a period of weeks? its not constant but would notice it a few times a day. I would be really grateful if someone could reassure me as its really freaking me out !

Thank you

ps. i get my blood checked regular every 3 months also I went to the doctors she did nothing, she did not even examine my neck and said if my neck gets hot then i should worry?. I was also told I carry the antibody for an under active thyroid aswell as graves disease antibodies??

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Hi. I have graves & my neck sometimes feels uncomfortable. I cannot do 'crunches' without my hands behind my neck etc. Sometimes it's more uncomfortable when I swallow. Endo says I have small goiters on each side so I figured it was caused by that, although I plan to mention it when I next see him.

Are you seeing an endo btw or just the dc? If no endo it might be worth pushing for a referral.

Tc Helen.

Ps. My goiters aren't visible to the naked eye & even though I've beentold I have them I cannot feel them myself.

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Hi hesb. Yeah i seen the endo once but nothing came of it. he also told me i had a visable goiter on the side of my neck where i get the pains. however before I was diagnosed I had a huge goitar that everybody commented on so I got an appt and some bloods done. turned it was caused by an extremely overactive thyroid, however the swelling reduced once i went on meds.

Hi Anything like that always best to ask for an ultrasound. Swollen and nodules common, but nodules should always be biopsied by a radiologist, under an ultra sound.I agree, important to be under an Endo, but find the best one yourself, then ask for a GP referral.

Best wishes,



I have Graves Disease and had a total thyroidectomy nearly a year ago and I had experienced pain in my neck before hand. I didn't have goitres but experienced the shooting pain in my neck for months. I asked my consultant who said it is normal and it's usually the thyroid attempting to work but failing.

You have nothing to worry about but if it is concerning you, talk to your doctor / consultant x

Hi newdiag,

See you GP take someone along with you who purely takes notes on the questions you ask - take them written down with you. Ask for another test, ensure they do TSH, T4 and T3 put results on here for the experts...in the meantime you might find giving up wheat completely (it's really easy, honest!) vastly reducing dairy and knocking out caffeine as well as reducing alcohol (sorry I know you are 21!) might help. If nothing else ditch the wheat... x

I have pain in the left side of neck for two years it comes and goes, stabbing pains, hence can be felt in leg and arm muscles. I think it's because I am not medicated at all. X

U need to see ur dr quick

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