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Can anyone advise on these results,please?

Having been advised to ask for my test results and build-up my knowledge of TSH,T4,T3,I have now obtained all my results since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

Can I advise anyone who hasn't already done this,to go ahead and get these results for yourself.It is very empowering!Plus,it is already helping me to understand this new "thyroid" language,that everyone else seems to talk and I didn't.

When diagnosed with Hashi's;TSH 7.13,T3 4.6,T4 15.

Prescribed 75 Levothyroxine,Sep 2010 TSH 2.76,T3 4.1,T4 15.

Received letter from Hosptal Follow-up Register asking me to be tested.So had new test last week and awaiting results.Will post these when I get them and have already made appointment with GP to review results.See,I am being pro-active!

I now have previous results to compare these new ones and I think,a guide,looking at previous answers,to the the range.But I'm not confident yet to challenge my GP,if he says,I am ok.

I am still not well,so am really hoping new results show why.

Sorry,if this sounds too basic and just commonsense to everyone but this is all new to me.It has really helped talking to everyone ,Thankyou,Paula

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Brillaint that you have the results, The TSH at 2.76 shows a step in the right direction but you're clearly not on enough medication yet.

The t4 and T3 should both be in the top third of the ranges.

I've kept all my results, going back 12 years and it's a brilliant tool, if the endo says we'll reduce x or y I can look at the previous results and say what happened.

They don't argue with written down results.



Every time I see a reply/comment which is relevant to my results,I write them in my diary.Your comments about T3 and T4 being in the top third,are news to me and have stored this for future Gp discussions.

Also,I assumed my TSH levels were ok at 2.76 as they have been this for 18 mths (apart from a blip at 4.76).I have never felt good in two years but kept being told my results were "normal"!I know better now and with everyone's help,support and advice,I feel ready to tackle my GP and hospital clinic.

Thankyou to everyone,I now feel there is hope and I won't be living the life of a zombie.



Paula, I have only just seen this message and if you haven't already read on any of my other posts I will repeat again, to feel well most of us hypos find that our TSH needs to be under 1 and our Free T4 needs to be at the top or even above the range and our free t3 towards the top of the range.

This is exactly what is written in the Pulse Magazine which doctors receive


have a read down to question no. 6 I think it is.

Can you try to see a different gp?


Yes,I knew all this before seeing the GP.Had it written down,explained it,told him where I had got the info.He completely disregarded it.Said I was too tunnelled vision and my problems lay elsewhere.Namely,anaemia,blood sugar,menopause.

I am going through with his tests,just to show they will all come back negative.

I have made an appt to see a different GP.

But in the meantime,I am still hardly sleeping etc and this is just further delays.




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