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Trying to Concieve

I have been ttc for 17 months. Went to the GP, I had all my blood work done everything normal aprt from TSH.

TSH 13.05

Was sent for another blood test

TSH 5.15

(I'm convinced this is causing my problem)

GP doesn't seem to think so, after saying that I have some symptoms of hypothyroidism sent me to have my antibodies tested. I got the results back today and they were 307. GP has said that I need to get tested in 6 months. I have tried searching the net but can't seem to find anything has anyone suffered with this or knows what it means.

I have a telephone appointment with the GP on Monday and want to make sure that I ask the correct questions.

Any infoemation would be appreciated

Many Thanks

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You must be feeling terrible with a tsh over 5, how do you find the energy for sex?

Your TSH ideally should be about 1 with no antibodies. The fact that you have antibodies shows you have Hashimotos disease, which destroys the thyroid. What is your doctor playing at? Leaving you to suffer for another 6 months will prove nothing.

Once you have Hashimotos it doesn't go away until the thyroid is destroyed and leaving you with a TSH of over 4 is putting you at risk of heart problems.

If you google hashimotos and in fertility you will find there is masses of information, proving your doctor wrong.

He clearly does not know what he is doing. I think you should read the Dr Peatfield book, 'Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy' and then demand a referral to a competant endocrinologist, who specialises in thyroid, not diabetes. and change your doctor.


<b>Updated on Jan 6 2011 9:28PM:</b> Have you also considered the problems that occur with babies who are born to Hypothyroid mothers? These babies used to be called cretins as they had poor growth and impared mental development. Thyroid hormones are crucial for fetal development.



I started on a trial of Levo yesterday, with a TSH 3.1 (range here is 0.35-4.94) + high antibodies. I have been feeling ill for a few years.

My GP was going to leave me and just have bloods done every 3 months, until I pointed out that we both knew a TSH of 3.1 isn't normal and that with high antibodies I wasn't going to get better on my own, was I?

You really do need to go back to your GP - I had been to all the GP's in our surgery, before finding one who really listened to how crap I was/am feeling.

Ask for a print out of all blood results, with ref ranges, and read as much as you can.

I have the book NellyB mentioned - very good book and not in jargon I can't understand (brain is rather slow now)

Hopefully you can get the help you most certainly need


Hi Happyhippo

Most people find they need to have a TSH of 1 to be able to conceive. If you send an email to we may have some research that we can send you.




I think it is important that you know that if you are being treated it is perfectly possible to get pregnant with ease and have a beautiful bouncing healthy baby if you have thyroid disease. I have had been diagnosed hypothyroid for 10 years and have as beautiful 7 month old daughter. I got pregnant easily and I am a few years over the ages were your fertility allegedly takes a nose dive.

Read up on your condition and demand to get referred to a good endo. Good luck!


Hi Happyhippo,

I am probably repeating what everyone else has said, but I had the same problem with having anti-bodies and TSH being 6 and saw the Endo who put me on Levothyroxine. They also said that if I was trying to conceive I had to go back and see them as I need to make sure I was taking enough T4 as the TSH needs to be as close to the lower end as possible (being below 1).

Kind regards,



Hi everyone,

Than you so much for the advice. It's nice to have people who take this seriously. I will get some information that I can take into the GP and try to get them to take me seriously.


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