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Do you pay for print outs of your test results?


i am trying to get an idea of how much people are charged by their GP practices for a print out of their test results. I know the range is 50p to £10. Would you tell me how much you pay? Many thanks.

If you do go in for print outs did anyone suggest you could have access to your results on line by applying for your patient record?

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DJR1 I don't get charged anything at all at my surgery, I just ask and they are printed there and then, but I know to wait until the GP will have seen them.

I live in Wales and there is no online access for anything at my surgery, they don't even have a website.

I'm in Yorkshire and my GP doesn't charge.

I ring the surgery up and ask them to print off and leave for me on reception.

I've only asked for print outs of my test results - nothing substantial like full medical records.

We can obtain some results online. I've not yet arranged that as don't carry ID around with me.

Our surgery doesn't charge for copies of anything. Results not available online.

Under duress I paid for a years readings it cost me £10, it was the best investment I ever made as I took those readings to my NEW Endocrinologist at Whipps Cross. He took one look at me and then the results and placed me straight away on T3 twice daily, stating this to my doctor. (quote) It is not surprising this patient reports with extreme wipeout by 2pm. And then tells my doctor in no uncertain terms that he WILL allocate T3 to me, quoting this statement!! As a recent position statement of the British Thyroid Association endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians and the British Endocrine Societies, published in the Clinical Journal of Endocrinology, with the recommendation of T3 therapy in individuals, who are dissatisfied and remain symptomatic on Levothyroxine. However, in view of the described pharmakinetics of these hormones, the regime recommended is that of 20ug of T3 early morning and another of 20ug at 2pm and Levothyroxine 25mc at 10pm is outlined.(unquote) In other words I believe my Endocrinologist has blinded my GP with science and he didn't even kick back! My life has since change out of all recognition. I am now on my second 6 month session of T3 and I feel like a real person again. Its taken 12 years but I got there. So get your years readings and insist on a review with a NEW Endo, what have you go to loose.

DJR1 in reply to ThorpeBay24

Hello ThorpeBay24

This is one of the best posts I have seen! I am so pleased that your life has been turned round. This is what we are all fighting for in this community and it really shouldn't be so hard at all. Please would you pm the name of your Consultant at Whipps.

Many thanks

ThorpeBay24 in reply to DJR1

I am new on here, how do I PM you?

Click on DJR1's name in blue, and on the page that comes up click on Message in the top banner.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to ThorpeBay24

Also send name of great sounding consultant to Louise at Thyroid Uk for adding to the list of recommended thyroid specialists

My doctors don't charge for printouts, but they have been a bit funny at times about supplying them and have asked for me to put request in a whole years test done and they still didn't charge me anything.

Our GP surgery charges 50p a sheet and refuses to send via email.

Thank you for your reply have you tried to get your medical record online which shows your test results? Did they offer this to you?

I have always had my print outs free the receptionist always says she has to ask dr first and then I go back to collect them however last month when I requested a print out she said they don t print out any more only for consultant use if I want a copy I should apply to access my records on line and print them out myself!


DJR1 in reply to Piedo

Good to hear that your practice is promoting access to your online record. Assuming that you have the means to access the internet. It is so much easier to see them on your online account and you can print a copy if you want to take it to an appointment. I have used my mobile to access results for hospital consultants.


I asked to see GP records, given 10 min appointment. Then asked for printout of blood results going back to 2004 as I could see that they were dated back to that on computer and even though some seemed to be missing. Got letter from practice saying, "Copies of the 'Bulk printout of reports@ are only available in attached format from 2013 when we got a new computer system." I was charged 50 pence a page and didn't even get all I was suposed to there was 4 urine test results and a smear test not included !

I don't get charged at my surgery. Didn't have a problem getting them either, was told. Just to come in the afternoon when they were quieter. Surgery online and I can book appointments, order prescriptions a few other things but I can't see my notes or test results.

I have access to my blood results via my doctors surgery website, have a password to get into it. Can also get repeat prescriptions this way too.

My surgery prints out results on request, at no charge, so long as GP has seen them. I have asked about online access and have been told I need 2 x photo ID. So if I want to go ahead I will have to buy a new photo driving licence. I was hoping to hang on to my paper one till I am 70!!!

DJR1 in reply to carnation

I did not require iD as the GP knew me. A passport with photo and utility bills should be enough. I would ask. Many people don't drive and may have difficulty with 2 lots of photo ID. My son who is disabled only has a passport. There should be flexibility don't let that put you off. I would ask and apply.

Hi, I got a print out of my latest blood results yesterday and my surgery doesn't charge. I believe that you can also upgrade your online emis patient access account to be able to see your results

I get charged £1 a test and have to wait about a week to get it.

DJR1 in reply to romyhorse

Thank you for your reply. So if you have a basic TFT, a full blood count and a Vitamin B12 would this be a £3 charge?

romyhorse in reply to DJR1

I'm not sure, if they were all done at the same time the results would come in on one report so might just be one charge.

My GP has a website that allows you to apply to see your records online. All I have to do is log in. The records go back to my birth! (early ones are brief, but interesting) The records include the reason you came in/referals etc. You can also click on 'test results' which bring up the results divided by (vial of blood/type/not sure?) and at the bottom of the page are links to understanding the results. Its free and really good. The last results I had were online a day after the blood test. Gives you time to go through it all before you talk to the GP.

DJR1 in reply to FeelBlah

Excellent this is what I am fighting for. If you see my previous threads lots of people are told by their GP practice that this is not available. I had to fight for mine and still have very restricted information. I cannot see reasons for visits or historic letters. Your surgery sounds like it gives Full Record Access and should be congratulated!

Hidden in reply to FeelBlah

Can you get this online access in scotland?

romyhorse in reply to Hidden

You can get online access in Scotland, my surgery offers it, but I'm not sure if it allows you to see test results. I started to sign up but they were in the middle of changing over to a new system so I never completed it.

DJR1 in reply to Hidden

Hi the info I have posted is about NHS England only. If you google or contact NHS Scotland there may be some info but see post from Romyhorse below

Hi - I've been charged £5 each time for mine (and the receptionist makes a huge deal out of handwriting a receipt to show how much I've inconvenienced her!) I have online access to my patient record but it doesn't include test results only a list of medications and any booked appointments which is not really useful.

DJR1 in reply to JenniferTh

Please see my other posts. There is another level of access which will allow you to see more.

My surgury tried charging me, I was told it is unlawfull for test results, so I e-mailed the practice manager to ask her for her policy in writing for charging for this!

From that day on I get them all for free!!

Good for you perhaps everyone else who faces charges should also ask for a copy of the policy. Thanks for your reply

Hi DJR1,

My Surgery has recently started to charge 50p per sheet for blood tests. I do have online access but I am only able to look at appointments and medication currently prescribed. I am going to challenge the surgery (for both the 50p charge and full access to records) but want to wait for my next Endo. appointment in 3 weeks time (in case I need more blood tests), so don't want to rock the boat just yet. Looking at the replies to this topic, it is amazing how the charge/non charge varies so much.

Best wishes.


I'm not charged for my blood test results. They're not available online.

I was given mine free, but it took a while for me to train the GP on how to operate his printer.

I now have online access, and can see my results on there. I had to battle to get the online access though – the surgery kept telling me that it was available, but it was darned hard work to get them to sort it out.

I was charged £10.00 which I thought was a lot as the GP had previously told me that all it took was one click of the computer. But I imagine the high cost serves to discourage us asking for them in the future! AnnSimpson

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Ann-Simpson

Trouble is, it is illegal to make charges for data access a revenue stream. So whilst it might discourage, it could also end in a soggy mess. Especially if a court case forced them to pay it all back.

I didn't know that. But there were no ifs or buts, and I just paid up like a lamb. But am thinking of changing my GP and will make sure I agree the deal with a new one. There is so much as a patient that I do not know about the legalities of so much to do with the medics. Thank you for your reply. Ann S

I have online access but they do not allow access to test results simply a list of your medical problems so not very helpful. I don't pay for print out of results but before I can have them they have to get authorisation from the GP! A right palava 🙄

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