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Could dairy-intolerance have caused thyroid cancer and periodic paralysis?

My husband wants to know,if anyone knows if there is a link between dairy-intolerance,thyroid cancer and thyrotoxic periodic paralysis?

At 49 years of age has discovered he is dairy-intolerant and after removal of dairy from his diet,all symptoms of periodic paralysis have gone.

Could the intolerance have kicked the thyroid gland into over-drive?Symptoms started at 5 yrs old.

My 8 yr old son is now showing same symtoms of periodic paralyis (we think) and after removal of dairy,has been symptom-free for 6 months.

Can anyone help with advice?


Paula and Alan

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You have presented a challenge there. My suggestion is this - it may not be the dairy as such but the iodine that it carries.

Although use of iodine as a teat disinfectant appears to have reduced (not at all sure of the figures) it certainly used to be a very significant contribution to our iodine intake. And dairy anyway does have a significant iodine content.

Have you ever noticed any impact from other relatively high iodine foods such as some sea-foods? Do you use iodised salt or products that contain iodised salt?

Excess iodine *can* cause an increase in thyroid hormone levels. And some people are much more susceptible to the impact of iodine than others. But it is not a simple subject.

And you might care to consider the questions over casein - but maybe almost anyone else knows more than I do about that.



Thanks for the info,will look into iodine and cassein.




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