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Something for the boys!

As the majority of people on here are female, I thought I would post something specifically for the men amongst us so they don't feel too left out :-p ;-)

A new study has been published describing a genetic mutation which causes hypothyroidism and favours men instead of women.

Particularly of note...

"there may be many individuals (boys and men, in particular) in the general population with presently undetected, but clinically significant hypothyroidism. "

But when any patients will actually be tested for this mutation remains to be established. We also don't know how common this mutation is. But progress is progress, right?! :-D


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Thanks for posting!

Given the difficulty so many have in even getting a Free T4 test, as you have so do I have to question how likely it is that the test below will be performed? Ever. Even if it were readily available and inexpensive. And the fundamental barrier - a doctor thinking of doing it.

"A simple test could identify carriers of IGSF1 gene mutations or variants who might benefit from thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Our results highlight a fundamental role for this protein in how the brain and pituitary gland control thyroid function and therefore the whole body metabolism. We hope our work will inspire new research on IGSF1's function in the pituitary gland under various physiological and pathophysiological conditions", said Prof. Bernard.

:-) :-)



I was diagnosed with under active thyroid in 2009 and have been on levothyroxine 50mg.

About 4 months later my daughter aged 22 was diagnosed with exactly the same condition.

But I have never been asked to have any other test apart from the twice yearly blood test.



Even twice yearly is unusual! Most of us have only one a year. :-)

Did your diagnosis in any way lead to your daughter's?


The only reason I get blood test twice a year is because I am diabetic.

My daughters diagnosis was carried out separately, nothing to do with my diagnosis .


No worries :-) I thought it was quite interesting.

Merry Christmas!



Well I had though for some time that there we no other men on here, so had been keeping stum, there are thyroid issues in my family, stemming from my mothers side.

I had a goitre develop and after a two year + wait it was removed back in 2007, along with my thyroid and parathyroid. I am healthier now than I have been for most of my life, excersise is easier, but it took over two years to get sorted and when I lost a fair amount of weight I had a slight blip but thats stable now, am a little worried for my daughter as my wife is slightly underactive, so she may well have issues.


Hi DaveMH66, yes there are a fair number of blokes on here, although admittedly you don't see posts from them very often compared to all the ones from the ladies. If you need to ask a blokey sort of question, hopefully one of them will answer. Glad to hear you're on the mend :-) Merry Christmas! x


Nice to see the boys connecting! I worry so much that men don't jump on forums like this, perhaps seeing them as girly when in fact about 20% of all thyroid problems are in men. Lots of blokes being isolated is what that statistic means. Great post on the study DiamondFire, thanks :)


Yes deskplant, anything to get the guys talking! :-) Merry Christmas! x


Merry xmas to you all. Hope the new year brings cheer and understanding Drs.


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