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healthy stress index result

Hi everyone,a happy, healthier new year to you. I am curious to know if anyone has had, or knows of anyone, who has had a 'healthy' adrenal stress index test result? Everyone I know that has had one has only ever had a result of 'adrenal fatigue stage' or 'exhaustion'. Or perhaps you had 2 tests showing very different results? Am just curious about the reliabilty and validity of the tests before I have another done. Thank you.

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It could be that if you're healthy and feeling ok, you don't bother to get the test. (why would you?)

I would imagine you'd only pay out for an adrenal test when you'd exhausted all the other possiblities.



i have had 4 over about 6 years 3 very similar ie bad and the last one showing some improvement in all but the 8 am reading. it is a good question and i hope you get some more comments.



Thanks jonny. Thats great to hear your last test result improved. Did that match how you were feeling subjectively?


it was a while ago but i think it did. for me to stay well, the trick seems to be nursing the adrenals along. i presume these test have been given to healthy people to establish the reference ranges. i showed them to an endo once and he said they were unproven.


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