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I took my daughter to see the out of hours gp over the weekend & whilst there was asked if there are any history of thyroid problems in the family, & told to take her to see our own Gp to arrange a thyroid test as her thyroid is enlarged.

She is only 14 & has a heart murmer.

Is there any where i can get advise, all the websites i have visited have given advise on general symptoms, but i am unable to find anywhere that can tell me anything on thyroid problems & other medical complication.

I dont want to scare my daughter but I aslo want her to understand the risks if left un treated as she is more worried about gaining weight.....

Please some one must be able to help.

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Have you looked on the main ThyroidUK website, it has all sorts of valuable information. Heres a link to the main site.

Also the "Stop the thyroid madness" site is good for info.

Have a read of the above links and, between the two, you should find the info you are looking for, but you need to take your daughter to her GP soonr rather than later to get her thyroid function checked out.

Hope this helps

Moggie x



I agree. Please check out the main Thyroid UK website and you can also send for an Information Pack if you wish.

Can I ask you please the particular reason you went to the out of hours doctor? Could the symptoms your daughter was experiencing have been thyroid related?

Go to your doctor as soon as you can as the tests can take time. Please make sure you ask for TSH, T4, T3 and thyroid antibodies tests. You might find this page helpful.

Please post the test results on here and there'll be lots of advice forthcoming.



Hi Jane & Moggie,

Thank you both so much for your rapid replies, will look into the links you have suggested.

Jane I took her to ooh doc because she was complaining of chest pain when trying to take big breaths, she has has a head cold thats gone on to traciatous (excuse spelling).

She so slender bless her (size 6) and can eat for the whole of England & not gain an ounce, unlike me who only has to look at a biscuit & gains a

We have got appointment with GP tomorrow evening so will let you all know how we get on.

Thanks again xx



Hi Very good advice. Also regarding the heart murmur, which is quite common.Mitral Valve I expect she has had an echo and also seen a cardiologist, which, is most important. She should also really have an echo every year. It is important that it is a big hospital as, in my experience the Tecs at small hospitals cannot do or read an echo properly. My Mitral valve is as bad as can be , actually quite lethal,but my local hospital tec said that it was fine. If she keeps getting breathless make sure she sees a good cardio at a good hospital, that is the first sign with heart. If a lot worse , her ankles may swell, oedema as that goes with bad Mitral valve. I do not think this all applies to your daughter but best to be aware just in case.

Best wishes,



I don't know if I have missed anything in your two posts but it sounds to me from your description that your daughter might have an OVER active thyroid gland. You have been pointed to very good websites and the Thyroid UK site explains about both hyper and hypothyroidism which is good. However, lots of sites have so much information about UNDER active because that is more common, that can confuse people that are new and just search for 'thyroid'. I would hate to think a hyper patient could be lost just because they look at a list of hypo symptoms and then think - it can't be that.

If her symptoms are different (some can overlap) try looking up the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and graves. She might have a fast pulse rate with chest pains which may account for her heart murmur. I had a Goitre and had Graves' disease - skinny as a rake and ate for England. Unlike the typical stereotype of hyperthyroidism which states these patients are hot all the time and run round in T shirts in winter, I was freezing cold and covered in thick jumpers. One of my GPs made the excuse for a missed diagnosis based on this alone. I get a bit cross about these stereotypes as a result of this. When looking at symptoms my view is that you MAY have some and not others. After all many of these lists begin their lives built by the medics who do not listen to their patients!!

Please stay with this site because there are members with both under and over active thyroid that can help - if it turns out to be thyroid related.

Good luck and let us know how you get on tonight at the doctors.


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