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eat right for your type, what is your blood type?.....o?

I'm reading some really interesting stuff, no proven with science, maybe i'm vulnerable right now, but the reviews for the book are very good, i'm blood type o rhesus negative. and what does it say about blood type o?

So its a diet specifically for your blood type, i'm intrigued and wanted to forward the info on to this group

Sorry for the spelling, having a bad month


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Has no effect unfortunately - one of those fad things that came out of the 70's!!


Sorry, Glynisrose, I don't agree. Not only does it work for me, but my daughter who lives in Australia, was put onto this by her doctor. It is widely accepted there - when her doctor told her, my daughter told me. It works for both of us,(we are both O rhesus negative too), though she finds it harder to stick to than I do. I have had few problems sticking to it and it works for me. If Australian doctors are recommending it, one hopes there must be some validity to it.


However, clearly not all medically qualified people in Australia agree!

Lemon detox ranked as worst diet fad

Updated Mon Jan 9, 2012 2:18pm AEDT

A detox regimen of lemon juice and choosing foods based on your blood type have been voted among the worst fad diets by Australian dietitians.

More than 50 nutrition experts took part in the Dietitians of Australia online survey, which asked them to list their three worst diets.

The survey results were released today in a bid to steer young women away from fad diets in the new year.

Eighty per cent of dietitians thought the lemon juice detox diet, which sees participants repeatedly drink lemon juice with cayenne pepper, was the worst.

This was followed by the blood-type diet, which focuses food intake around your blood type, and the acid and alkaline diet, which focuses on fruit, vegetables and legumes.

"Women often think they are failures when they can't sustain such strict and unrealistic diets," DAA spokesman Trent Watson said in a statement.

"The truth is, it is the diets that are failing young women."

Dr Watson said people should ditch the fad diets and focus instead on regular exercise and healthy eating.

"Small sustainable changes over the long-term are much more effective than yo-yo dieting," he said.

He encouraged people to eat breakfast every day, limit take-away meals to once a week, choose water as a drink and exercise most days.

Do you by any chance have any references to bona fide medics recommending the blood group diets?



Only my daughter's doctor and I have no idea who that is, but he was obviously fully qualified, and thus bona fide.


Interestingly, whilst doing my elimination diet, I have found all the foods that do not agree with me have been 'poisons' or 'avoid' foods for my blood type!

I am AB RH Neg and bananas, avocado and plaice have all caused significant abdominal bloating. I have also noticed when I eat foods that are 'medicines' for my type a sense of wellbeing.

I have known about the diet for a few years and didn't dismiss the concept, just choose not to use it as a bible. With what I have experienced in the last 4 weeks I am taking it more seriously. I feel my body has been very dull, almost desensitized, for a long time and since doing the low allergen/elimination diet I am picking up on the slightest changes.....yes I am very sensitive and now feeling VERY WELL!!!!!


A friend recently suggested I should read about that. However, I have no idea what my blood group is and when I asked my doctor he said he didn't know. It was obvious he had no intention of finding out. He explained you only get tested if you have children or need a blood transfusion. End of consultation............


On the website with the above link you order a test to confirm blood type!! I'm really interested in this


You can find your blood group by donating blood.

And it helps others.


Not sure I'd wish my blood on anyone :) !

I tried to see my blood group from my hospital notes which had been left on the chair next to me whilst I was waiting (for ages) my turn for a day surgery. Unfortunately the nurse returned, through a complete wobbly and took the notes away so I couldn't read them, chasitising me in the process for being 'nosey'!!!!


the nurse had no right to be so insultingly patronising, by the way. and you have every right to read your notes - by law. The only time the thought police can refuse is if it will harm you - say if you had a mental health problem.


At the time I was not in the best place to argue my case - sitting freezing in a hospital gown takes away some assertiveness! :)

I think asserting your right to read your notes involves paying a fee too in their eyes - it is all so wrong!!


I read the book some years ago and also another " metobolic typing. Interestingly as an O type , Having taken the questionaire in the latter book I also came out as a very definite "protein type, I gave up wheat 2yrs ago and gluten a year ago, I certainly feel better on lots of good protein , and I dont crave foods anymore when I stick to it ,

I definately would recomend it , I have also lost two stone over 2yrs , so it is slow but you dont feel as if you are on a diet at all, and I think it would be quicker if I had stuck to it absolutely. I dont think it is a fad at all . I just added in protein and the rest takes care of itself. !



I have not read the blood group stuff in detail, but on the basis that gluten is protein, I am not entirely following that.


Yes gluten is a protein, but it seems that lots of us have a problem with it for various reasons, which is why I mentioned that I had given it up . Perhaps if one doesnt have a thyroid problem , it is not necessary to give it up on this " eating right for your type "


I eat good organic meat, veg, and fruit, I have cut out a lot of carbs, but eat a little rice, gluten free pasta and potatoes.

I think we have to experiment to find what suits us .

A friend of mine who is a Dr, ran some blood test on friends who volunteered, some of which were vegans and vegetarians as well as meat eaters. The results were very interesting - all were eating in accordance with their blood type already with the exception of myself ! and I was the only one that was ill !

I dont follow it completely, but I am very glad that I tryed it , because I feel so much better, and I will continue it for the rest of my life because it is sooo easy, I dont even think about it anymore it just becomes a natural thing I think . As your body normalizes , you just seem to desire the foods that are good for you and your type.

I guess everyone has to find their "own path " but I just had a "feeling " to share my experience in case it helps someone else .


So has your total protein intake (whether absolutely or as a proportion of total food intake) increased, decreased or remained the same since shunning gluten?


Im not sure that I quite understand your question .

I try to eat protein at every meal, and try to make it 50% - 70% of the meal . Sometimes I just eat protein as in a scrambled egg , or bacon /egg/baked beans. I also snack on nuts. I seem to feel better on lots of protein , but I still eat veg and fruit.


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