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Sudden violent reaction to fish anyone?

Yesterday evening, we had a freshly made fish pie with trout, smoked salmon, basa, a handful of prawns, veg in white sauce topped with potato; we eat some sort of variation quite often without any adverse effects until ....... as I had almost finished .... it was quite apparent it wasn't staying put (sorry tmi). My face is still purple blotched etc, throat swelling has reduced considerably which suggests it is a reaction to the food. Have a telephone consultation with Doc on Friday to see if I need to go in to investigate further and will of course, steert clear of anything fish.

Has anyone else had something similar happen after having thyroid issues? Many thanks :)

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I suggest you have a look at scromboid poisoning:

Does that sound right?

Hypos do seem to be more sensitive to all sorts of things. And the difference between two fish - even caught together - can be considerable.

There is lots more information about scromboid out there.

I suggest you make sure you always have some oral anti-histamines on hand, possibly two or three different ones, then at least you can try to control the worst of it.



I did, of course, mean to type SCROMBROID!


Wow, you have just solved my husband's 'blotchy fish thing' as we call it. He can't eat processed or frozen fish (although cod and haddock seem to be OK). The worst ones are salmon, tuna, seabass and shellfish. Thanks for this, it is great - after 18 years of supposed 'allergy', we have an explanation!



God, I hope you are okay??! That sounds serious. You should go to the doctor no matter what and ask to be referred to an Immunologist to get tests done. It sounds like an allergy. I am allergic to pollen and so on and was reffered to an Immunologist and I got tests done. Your allergy however sounds more severe than mine. I'm only allergic to the pollen and what not. I am allergic to prawns because my mouth went absolutely mad with itch. Sorry, it wasn't prawns, it was scampi. I'll never forget the itch. Since then I have never ate scampi again. My mouth and the roof of my mouth felt as if it was crawling with fleas, it was so itchy. Sorry I have no answer to give you but the only advice I can give you is to ask your doctor to refer you to an Immunologist.

Take care!!


Thank you for your answers. Rod, reading the link does rather suggest it could be a scromboid reaction; I put my hands up and freely admit, I'd never heard of it. I did take a Zirtek anti histimine yesterday evening to reduce itching and swelling.

Ciarna, I shall ask my GP what he believes is the best way forward and if he doesn't suggest testing as the thought if it occurring again holds no appeal, knowing it will likely be worse.

Once again, thank you :)


Hi It is possible to suddenly start allergies, it happened to me in a different context. If it was the prawns ( most likely culprit) then make sure you check contrast injections for many

investigations especially CT` and nuclear scans as always used for that.



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