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insomnia + PCOS mitigate accuracy of tests to determine hypothyroid+adrenal issues?

I'm seeing my GP today and my endo on Monday to ask for the full range of thryoid tests as recommended by the stopthethyroidmadness site. However, even if the GP or endo is sympathetic and agrees to my requests, there is a problem.

I am aware the tests have to be taken at specific times of the day and month. However, I suffer from insomnia and PCOS. Both my sleep-wake cycle and my menstrual cycle are extremely temperamental and in a state of disruption for years. I literally never know when I will be able to sleep, for how long, and at what hour, or when my period will be. I'm concerned this will affect the accuracy of the tests.

Could anyone help at all?

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Hi ecie

I cannot answer your question but know that menstrual problems are common with thyroid problems. It may be that due to the fact that TSH tests are being used for diagnosis alone and ignoring symptoms that many people go undiagnosed.

Even when I began thyroid hormones I still had insomnia but that has now resolved with a change of meds.

This is a link re pcos.


Thanks shaws! Yes, I've heard they're common too, and I firmly believe my PCOS was a result of under-treated hypothyroidism (I was diagnosed approx 12 years ago and put on T4, but its initial benefits wore off within a few years and then my health began failing).


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