Bottled Water - Lost the Plot

I was having a conversation with somebody - arrrggghh, can't remember who - have not only lost the plot but lost the thread. I was going to answer their question, and then couldn't find it.

It was to do with bottled water and the relative merits (or otherwise) of glass or plastic bottles.

Sorry - if anybody recognises the thread, perhaps they could come out of the woodwork so we can carry on the conversation, or at least finish it - thanks.

Kanga xx

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  • I!

  • Reward for the smallest reply! night off Rod? (well you deserve it anyway) which post was that! I remember one too - darn if I can find it 'tho - please enlighten us (aka come out of the woodwork! is that dry rot?) J :D

  • Try searching for Badoit? :-)

    Yes - it was a sort of laughing attempt at a minimal reply. :-)

    I thought the next one could be:


  • Eau Dear!

    I found the thread - it was in fact Rod's post about Bad Medicine - somehow we highjacked it and started discussing bottled water. I just wanted to answer a question Diamondfire had asked me, but was too tired at the time to reply.

    I've now put up a post asking people to disregard my last question, but if you're so inclined we can carry on....?

    Not sure about the dry rot - 'come out of the woodwork' is just a way of saying 'come out of hiding' - not that anybody was...I'm getting confused again, I think my brain has dry rot. :-D

    Kanga xx

  • Eau de nil too - anyway here's Rod's scallywag post avec eau

    My ref to Dry rot was to Rod's humour avec champignon (that's the way my strange braincell works) apologies! J :D

  • Neau worries!

    Have you just got the one strange brain cell? :-D

  • Eau goodness! Last count was only one, I promise! (will do an eaudit) sorry digressing from your bottled water question, I'm sure there was a fluoride debate too .. somewhere...

    Apologies again, I seem to be having a little moment here J x

  • You and me beauth!

    Sure you don't mean you're having a 'meaument'? :-D

    Enough already! x

  • yep - eaunuf!

    Kanga, it's a crazy world when we can't trust the water! tap or bottled!

    like I said (somewhere) that years ago, folks up north had beer, those down south had wine - sorted,, as alcohol kills bugs! they don't tend to put it in plastic bottles tho' another thing to consider! We pay for 'spring' water labelled as 'healthy' when it also contains weird stuff. Luckily there's always choice. Jane :D x

  • I don't like beer or wine, so it's a straight choice of eau yes or eau no for me.

    As I said on the other thread, I had a relative who worked for the water board, and he said if you knew what happened to the water that comes out of your tap, you'd never drink it again...something to do with how many other people it had been through before it gets to you.

    Of course he could have been eaunly joking. (Just stop it now!) :-D

    I do worry about the plastic bottles - not sure the water is any 'healthier', just tastes better than tap water, to me at any rate.

    You're right when you say it's crazy that we can't trust either one. I keep trying to develop a taste for champagne, but neau luck so far...

    Kanga x

  • I agree that tap water can taste less than pleasant. So either filter it, or put a jugful in the refrigerator for a few hours / overnight, or both. And when you pour it out, do so from a height so it has a chance to aerate itself.

    To be honest, without paying a fortune, I think I might prefer a decent Cava to real Champagne. E.g. one of the Monistrol pinks.

  • Rod, you have me at a disadvantage - I only know the difference between red, white or pink wine because they're different colours.

    Probably fortunately, I never developed the taste for any kind of alcohol, wine incuded. It all tastes like vinegar to me, but that might be down to the horrible plonk I tried to like when at college, many dark moons ago.

    Now what with driving, and medication etc, I don't even want to drink, and can't afford it, so I guess it turned out for the best.

    The mention of champagne instead of water was just an off the cuff remark - I don't like anything fizzy either, so I doubt I will ever develop a taste for it anyway. I once put fizzy water in a too strong cup of coffee by mistake, and eau dear, that was a horrible shock.

    I have thought of getting a water filter, but not sure if they just improve the taste, or actually get rid of any potential nasties. I don't know what the best solution is - maybe filtering the water that comes in the plastic bottles - but where does it all end without getting paranoid? :-D

    Oh heck, perhaps I should try and develop a taste for wine after all. And start smoking and taking recreational drugs. Might as well go to hell in a handcart in spectacular fashion rather than just a few inches at a time...x

  • And stuffing your face with pizza, chips, sweets while sprawled across sofa never moving... :-)

  • Oh, how I wish!! I'm easily two stones underweight, so if I could do that I would be a happy - though probably even more unhealthy - bunny.

    Sadly my sofa is too short to sprawl on without getting a stiff neck - or maybe I've actually eaten it bit by bit. That's what it feels like after a couple of mouthfuls of anything I've learned to avoid (pizza, chips, sweets, plus about a million other things).

    Strong drink is looking more attractive all the time...:-)

  • Just sneaking into this thread to add a snippet of info... My son had a talk at school from someone from the local history society. She explained that the drinking fountain had been built in our local park, next to the school, in the 19th C because at the time water wasn't freely available and cost twice as much to buy as beer, so most children drank beer!

  • In junior school, I had an Italian friend, & went round to her house after school for tea, with wine of course.

    My mum thought it strange, but then again we always had cider at harvest time too. (& wine at church!)

    Suppose we just took it for granted & didn't overdo it! J x

  • Deleted the other one for you! ;-)



  • Thank you - if you mean my meaningless question :-)

    Kanga xx

  • Yeah! ;-)

    Whereas, of course, this thread is perfectly sensible..! ;-)



  • Ah - yes, I do take your point!

    Just a little light relief at the end of the week - it's only too easy to lose your sense of humour. This kind of thread is like a kind of gentle mental gymnastics without the exhaustion afterwards. :-) A bit of reassurance that we can still have a bit of a laugh and have enough brain cells left to think of a snappy, if silly answer. Just about.

    Hopefully there are still a few nuggets of useful info in there amongst the banter.

    Kanga xx

  • Always up for light relief! ;-)

    I have to edit myself sometimes for being just far too silly! lol!



  • Me too - it's all too easy to get carried away. Luckily there are so many threads that people can go to more serious ones if they aren't in the mood for silliness.

    I hope people understand that we're not belittling any serious concerns, just having a momentary lapse into the surreal :-)

    Kanga xx

  • No more clear what is the better water, so will just have to go with the flow and take it as it comes!

  • Plastic bottles are a problem when they heat up - never leave them in your car. Give off toxic fumes or something - that can be carcinogenic. Glass Bottles much healthier. Why can't we buy water in glass bottles and then return them for money back - like we used to with pop in the olden days ! Not that we could afford pop - but I knew such things went on - ah yes the Corona man in his truck trundled around the villages selling his wares.....

    Also would prevent landfill filling up with squillions of plastic bottles......

  • Yes I remember the Corona man - the bottles were fine but not sure about the pop! In Denmark they give you money back for plastic bottles (no litter). I just filter the tap water (or you can get a filter kettle).

    I have read that Plastic bottles/can linings contain Bisphenol-A or BPA which leaches out into water, food etc. this is a neurotoxin. There's info that 96% of Americans have it in their blood/urine & it's in rivers (sorry can only find it on Youtube tonight & can't find mention of UK figures).

    Heating (leaving bottles in the sun - like outside the supermarket on a pallet) & microwaving plastic speeds up the process. I put food in a pot/glass dish (as I don't like using teflon coated metal ones). then again I don't use a microwave any more either. There's info about silicone leaking out of breast implants too.

    I was concerned at work that they were selling those silicone cake trays for kids, and plastic sleeves to put toast in? - yuk! Then again I'm a bit paranoid, but I don't really want to eat plastic and don't want it bio-degrading in me either! (as someone said never eat anything that doesn't grow!).

    Sorry that was a bit serious for me! Eau dear! Jane :D x

  • On a serious note (sorry!) can I ask-are you all drinking bottled water because of Fluoride? I've meant to ask this for ages and this post prompted me!

  • I would if my area was fluorinated, but luckily it isn't yet, so I just use a water filter which gets rid of the metaly feeling (I have no sense of taste/smell so it's just a feeling round your teeth- like green beans do, squeaky - no, I give up can't describe it!) I rely on hubby to taste the gravy! J x

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