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newly diagnosed the sequel

I am very confused and quite depressed so after the helpful response to my first question I wondered if anyone out there could help me understand things better. I was advised to ask my doctor to refer me in my first question, but despite seeing a

different doctor in the practice, she did not want to refer me unless ‘I insisted’

I have had so many of the complaints that are associated with thyroid problems in the last year or two that I was almost pleased to be diagnosed, but now I feel like a whinging hypochondriac all over again.

Here’s the thing first blood test readings of 8.7 and 16.5 which apparently meant I had hypothyrodism. Second test which included some sort of count four weeks later showed me to be within normal levels but also showed I had hashimotos disease – don’t quite understand how if my thyroid is fine what this hashimotos is.

I feel really unwell – I am depressed, exhausted, my hair is falling out, I’m fat, my hands hurt so badly typing is very hard. If my thyroid is back to normal, why do I feel so bad? Doc says take the tablets for three months then they will see where we are - great!!!! I need to gain a greater understanding of what I have and haven't got that's not unreasonable is it??

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You haven't said what your 2nd set of test results were - if they have come in at the top end of the range this may account for your continuing symptoms as a lot of people are best off with a low TSH reading around 1. It does that a while to get back on track and in 3 month time you should be feeling much better. It took me 6 months to feel normal again.


Thanks Sheila2 - I do not know what the results were except they said it was fine but then said the test also showed I had this hashimoto disease - I guess I should ask more questions but that is always difficult with your gp as there is always the feeling you should not take up too much of their time especially when you know the waiting room is full and they are already running behind- nice to know I will feel normal again that's cheering Anyone with info on hashimoto and how this test showed I have it would be very welcome


Hashimoto's disease is also known as auto-immune thyroid disease. It's diagnosed by testing for the presence of thyroid antibodies in the blood.

There's an explanation of Hashimoto's by Dr Peatfield on the main Thyroid UK website:



Why not insist?

I was told by someone to refuse to leave until I got a referral. By the sounds of it this strategy does work.

It's psychological. If you "insist" you are pushy, they will not like you and will punish you by being unpleasant to you and think less of you in future. Because if you say "I insist", you are saying you know better than the doctor and you are bad person taking resources from people who really need them. Can anyone think of any more implications?

Doctor: "Say 'I insist' I dare you"

Patient: "I insist"


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