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my doctor has eventually diagnosed me with hashimoto thyroid but I have a doctor who will only allow you to speak about one 'illness' at a time so he shut me up when I tried to ask about the horrible lump I have in my throat which makes me need to burp constantly - he also made me make a different appointment about the pain in my hands which I find is now probably connected to this thyroid problem - in essence I feel pretty terrible with weight cold exhaustion depression etc etc and my doctor has prescribed 50mg tablets and go away for 3 months then get a blood test my question is it not normal to be referred to a thyroid specialist as the only two people I know who had a thyroid problem both were and I feel I am being dismissed w

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Jennifer, I suggest you take the 50 mcg thyroxine, without food, but with a drink, last thing at night, and take selenuim too to help you convert the thyroxine, which is a pro-hormone into the active T3 which is what your cells need.

Thyroxine works very well for 87% of people who take it, the rest of us find the forums and have to fight for proper treatment. I really hope you are one of the ones who do ok.

And put in a complaint about the behaviour of this rude uncaring, patronising doctor who really shouldn't be practising without learning some manners. If he is unable to effectively link up all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and speak to you about them, then he is not very effective . Comp[lain about his behavior to the head of practise and ask for a referral to an edocrinologist who specialises in thyroid treatment. Find one by looking on However, you will need to work backwards. You do NOT need a general endo or one who specialises in diabetes. Be firm about this.,

In addition to the selenioum, you need to support your adrenals with as much Vitamin C as you can take without getting the runs.

And please, find a new doctor.



Thank you for replying with such helpful information much appreciated Jenny


You need to see an endocrinologist. Thyroid problems are complicated and it needs a specialist with that extra knowledge to get to the bottom of the problems.Just insist that you are refereed to a specialist.You have that right and you need to insist on it.


Dear Jennifer, having read Nellyb's answer I couldn't agree more with her. It sounds like you are at the beginning of a journey, and it really sounds like you are suffering not only with your symptoms but also crap medical care. I just want to reassure you that you are not alone, and that as I type there are hundreds of us feeling cold, miserable and frustrated. And trying so so hard to improve our situations in difficult circumstances. Warm wishes. ps do you have dr barry peatfields book?


I am very confused with anything to do with the thyroid, and I think the reason is so are some of the so called specialists. I am on yearly check ups to see if my multinodular goitres have grown. I can feel pressure and see the lumps and previous history they enlarged rapidly removed off the thyroid 20 years ago then called a cyst, this was called incomplete surgery, it was done by a surgeon who wrote books on the subject and was respected ????????


Hi Jennifer, I am in exactly the same situation as you, fluctuating between hypo and hyper, GP gave me 4 months supply of Levothyroxine 50mcg and told me to have bloods done in 4 months!!

After taking them for 2 days the palpitations, chest pain were unbearable, I also became confused and couldn't remember how to drive my car. I contacted GP who told me I needed to take them! I now take 25mcg twice daily, that is the onyl way I can tolerate. I asked to be referred to endocrinologist. I may as well not have bothered. Told him of the problems taking 50mcg, said he wanted me on 125mcg and to deal with it.

I am seeing a private endo on Monday, as I cannot cope with feeling like this constantly. It really is awful.

Ask to be referred to an endo with an interest in thyroid and keep on until you do.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.



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