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Cute Thing Noticed#1: Beauty Swatch

An Australian idea! Beauty Swatch is an online resource that gives as-close-to-real-life colour swatches of the latest lipsticks. Nice. If you’re normal.

Sadly, the site is of little help to me. Lipstick turns weird colours on me. Anything with a hint of blue (ie crimson or pinks) goes HOT HOT pink on me. I can only wear fire engine red or browns. This is due to that damn auto-immune disease, which causes an acidic system, which causes lipstick colours to wharp, charcoal eyeshadow to turn blue, foundation to go white, and perfume to smell like metho. Interesting, hey!? Most makeup artists who do my face for functions and shoots can’t quite believe it. Until they see it.

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Thats funny lipstick always is really red on me and red is not my colour , never would have thought it was linked to thyroid !!!


TV Presenter? Any publicity is good for the thyroid cause :)


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