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Can anyone recommend a good endocrinologist who specialises in the treatment of graves disease?


I wonder if anyone knows of a endo who has an interest in graves. I would like a second opinion and my current endo does not specialise in thyroid at all. I live in Warlingham, Surrey which comes under the CR6 postcode and can easily get to London as well.

I have googled it and cannot find anyone with an interest in graves.

Thanks for any advice

Diddy x

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The author of "Your Thyroid and how to keep it Healthy" has a clinic there

The Peatfield Clinic of Nutrition 16 Southview Warlingham Surrey


Tel/Fax: 01883 623125. It would be a private visit though.....valerie


I too have graves , and have recently been to see a Dr M.A Baxter for a second opinion like yourself.

At this present moment in time , i am on no meds except some iron replacement for low ferritin , and i feel great.

Dr Baxter can be found @

The Runnymede Hospital

Guildford Rd

Chertsey, Surrey

KT16 0RQ

01932 877862

Hope this helps, good luck



Hi Kim can you tell me please if this is a private hospital?



Yes it is a private hospital , but Dr baxter also works out of St peters Nhs hospital which in the same grounds as this hospital.


Hi Diddy and all ,

I have posted a question - similier,,, wondering if there are any other treatments to get- apart form Rad etc. Kim has been put on Iron!

I cant seem to reply to her ... Were the symptoms very extreme,, Did the doctor try this before carbs, etc, ?I am trying hard to find other ways,,,now as second time. do healthy things etc.



Hi Pegs

The symptoms were extreme when I was firstly diagnosed which was November 09. I have been on carbimazole ever since. Started on 40mgs a day plus 120 mgs of propranolol. They were gradually reduced down to 20mgs then I went over active again so endo increased carbs back to 30. Gradually came down to 20 again which I stayed on for quite a while. I then went underactive in August and thats when the eye problems started. I got diagnosed with thyroid eye disease the end of September. I started steriod treatment (IV steriod drip as well as oral) early November and am also taking Azathioprine. I have completed the drip treatment and am gradually having the oral steriods reduced. Am now down to 25mgs a day, 100mgs of Azathioprine. The steriods have made me feel awful as well as having my thyroid underactive has been pretty rough. I must say though I am gradually beginning to feel better and my eyes have improved slightly. They certainly are not getting any worse. I am only taking 5mgs daily of carbimazole now as they eye specialist is concerned that the thryoid does not become underactive again.

It seems to be difficult finding an endo that actually specialises in thyroid problems. They all seem to specialise in diabetes.

Nobody has mentioned anything about Iron to me... and I don't know how long I am supposed to stay on 5mgs of carb for... My endo did speak to me about having Rad but I didn't like the sound of pemantly being underactive. I would be able to have it done now anyway as the eye specialist told me it can make the eye problems worse.

Once I get this eye disease sorted out I would like to go and see Dr Peatfield and try to keep the graves under control.

Sorry I can't be of anymore help to you. Hope you can find some relief soon.

Diddy x


Hi Diddy

I feel for you with your eyes that must be very scary.

I have read Dr Peatfields book - but he doesnt- (have I missed som ething here ?) -say much about Graves- that is what to do about it,

His diet advice does sound helpful -I wonder has any one else found him helpful- for Graves - perhaps I will ask this question...generally...

My first attack of Graves did go away after 18 months and I have had a moveing /refurbishing my house etc since then - now I will try not do do anything so stressful that I am aware of.! perhaps there is this hope for you too -it going away...

take care



sorry to ask , but is graves diease the same as crushing's diease ??


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