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Hi, I've been diagnosed for about 6 months now and am on 125mg levo. I was tested at the gym and found to have a resting blood pressure of 198/140 and pulse 105 back at the gp's having got stressed and marched there (about 35 minutes) it was back down to 130/90 pulse 75 does anyone understand why it spikes and whether its anything to do with hypo. I am not over medicated and still suffer a great deal of my original symptoms including weight gain and fatigue. Currently take 5mg ramipril for bp but if I take any more I suffer fainting fits, any clues anyone?

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  • My husband has blood pressure like that his goes up and down,Dr recommend him to buy one and keep a check on it every week right it down and take it back after 6 weeks to see if it done that all the time maybe you could try another type of BP tablet.!! All the best Jnax

    <b>Updated on Nov 13 2010 12:36PM:</b> Blood pressure monitor from boots about £20-£30

  • The correct dose of thyroid treatment, (maybe natural desiccated would be best), would bring down your high blood pressure to normal.

  • Thanks for the responses, really appreciate it. My gp won't consider changing my meds as he is unsure of the cause, I believe that correct thyroid meds would help but I have no idea how to battle for them and just asking gets me nowhere. How do I go about getting the help I need? Once again thanks

  • What are your thyroid test results?

  • you do need to give them a while before you change how much you take ,they should do another test after 6 weks to see if you levels are right ,but what is right for you is the question ??

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