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Is anyone receiving T3 replacing their T4 treatment on the NHS in South Yorkshire?

I have been on Levothyroxine for more than 12yrs, learnt that I have got Reverse T3 (paid for private blood tests). Recently had the short Synachthen test done on the NHS which was normal. Received a lovely letter back from Endo saying he was pleased everything was ok. BUT obviously not bothered about the Reverse T3 results which I had emailed through to him. So I have been back to my GP and asked to see another Endo who specialises in Reverse T3 and so at the moment I am awaiting an appointment. However this has been ongoing for seven months now (learnt I had RT3 in August) and I am no further forward!!! Anyway I would really like to stay treated with the assistance of an NHS Doctor rather than self treat with T3. So can anyone suggest a good Specialist or Doctor just in case I get turned away.....

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sorry cant help, My gp and endo both deny the existence of Rt3!


I have managed (after a gap of 5 years) to get T3 out of them again and feel much better. Good luck. will watch your replies with interest.


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