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I now have my results following my high temp and throat infection. They show that my hyperthroidism is very active and that my liver is not right but not abnormal/ whatever that means. Full blood count ok so i assume my white cell ok. Back on carbimazole and seeing endo on the 2nd Nov i still have swollen glands and sore throat gp said will give antibiotics if continues. My symptoms are quite hyper not sleeping etc... i feel like due to this infection ive gone back 5 weeks.

Thanks for support and advice.

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Hi Kathy

I do hope things pick up for you really soon.

I just wanted to comment on your liver function test results , i had similar and it turned out that i had(have) a single gallstone.

Of course im not suggesting you have gallstones i just thought it worth mentioning.

Be well



Hi Kathy not been on site for awhile as i've just recently had my thyroid removed due to being hyperthroid. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and took carbimazole for 18months but after a short period of being ok the overactive thyroid returned earlier this year. I've had a pretty awful year feeling up, down and alittle bit crazy at times amongst other things but my consultant summed up the condition by saying that "its a nasty illness" which made me feel like i hadn't been imagining the way i'd been feeling. After alot of thought i took the decision to have my thyroid removed which i had done 2 weeks ago and am now on thyroxine for the rest of my life but am free from hyper symptoms.

Hope you are doing, take care of yourself and good luck with your appointment tomorrow.



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