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I was diagnozed with an overactive thyroid 4 weeks ago and previous to that i have felt like death.I now have good days and bad days and i am far from well. On Friday i had a very high temperature with a sore throat like swollowing glass and i still have this sore throat. I got sent to A and E as it was out of hours and if your on Carbimazole apparantly they can lower your white cell count? has anyone experienced this. After a 4 hour wait in A and E and a very rude dr i was told to stop taking the drugs and see my GP today. I ahve of course done this and im having ablood test tomorrow. Im now only on beat blockers for my pulse and im worried that my thyroid problem will be bad again with a vengeance. I am waiting to go private on Nov 2nd but even thats a weight does anyone have any similar problems as im dreading what the blood tests will bring and still feel like .....

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Hiya, I'm on Carbimazole too & was on betablocker although not now. I currently see a private endocrinologist for my thyroid, he told me about the sore throat thing. I asked him should I come off the tablet while i wait for the result of the blood test if I got a sore throat but he said no. He said 99 times out of 100 the test will come back fine. I think if it comes back that your white blood cells are low you just stop it for a week or so until sore throat etc goes away. I myself have good and bad days but it takes a while to get correct dose and the tablets can also take around month or so to properly work. It's hard sometimes but try to stay positive.

Best wishes,

Nichola xx


Dear Kathy,

Hello. I am on Carbimazole - this is the second time I've gone Hyper. What I learnt last time is that you must give yourself so much more time than you think to feel better. I kept trying to go back to work - would manage a day - then crash, and have to have more time off. I am on the mend - have been on Carbimazole since the last week of August. I have had one reduction in dose after a September blood test, and had another yesterday - and will see the GP next week to review. I also had a wickedly sore throat in September.... but had completely forgotten that you're meant to see your GP... but as Nichola reports, it is highly unlikely to be an issue (- but I did the same the first time around too). Chances are that your first load of Carbimazole will had done good - and hopefully you are taking lots of rest, and trying to keep calm (I don't help myself when I get stressy....) - and you'll be back on it soon.

Last words for now: everything takes weeks to kick in or wear off - and I have found that if your blood tests come back blatantly over the limit, the GPs respond quite swiftly. This time I am doing it without beta-blockers (not entirely sure why - but seem to be able to be more self-aware without extra drugs. I am (most days) being patient with myself, and taking baby-steps with work AND sleeping whenever I need to.

Hope any comments have been of some use!

I didn't know the problem could/would re-occur - so that was a surprise!!! So, the second half of August was no fun, when I suddenly turned into an exhausted old woman, felt sick, needed the loo, and was shaking like a leaf!!! (only 44, by the way -very young indeed).

Keep positive people around you (for short bursts of time), watch comedies, and romance films (good for having a good cry...let it all out!) and don't despair - things WILL GET BETTER,

Big Hugs


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Kathy, be really aware!, I keep reading about people who are given carbimazole when they actually have hashimotos. Hashimotos can cause temporary Hyper when the thyroid is under attack, but it soon reverts to hypo and the carbimazole is far too much.....

The sore throat could easily be linked to the thyroid under attack from antibodies if it is Hashimotos.



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