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Daily Mirror Wednesday 13th August 2010

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What's your face trying to tell you?

By Natasha Holt 13/10/2010

Next time you peek in the mirror, it might be worth taking a closer look. Those little spots and blemishes we take for granted are usually nothing, but they can warn of more serious problems. Here's what to look out for..

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Eyebrows The thinning of the outer edges of the eyebrows can be a sign of thyroid problems. This is because once the metabolism slows down, the body doesn't have enough energy for the normally hard-working hair follicles to function properly. You may also have noticed that your hair is lifeless and you are suffering from dry skin.

FIX IT: See your GP, who can recommend a range of treatments for thyroid complaints.

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Can't help wondering what the "range or treatments" consists of? Maybe 25, 50 and 100mcg levothyroxine? :-)


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