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new thyroid patient


I am 37 years old and about 2 years ago a friend at work recommend me to have my thyroid checked due to me being tired all the time, not sleeping and having days off work often than I would!!

I had the blood test and it turned out that I had under active thyroid and my GP started me on Levothyroxine 75mg. She did not explain why, and what could caused this neither did she explain what test I should have regularly. Matter of fact she did not explain nothing!!

I mean if a patient has been diagnosed with a new condition surly she should its common practice but no she dished out the tablets and sent me off!!

This year in April I had a migraine at work and my pain started from there with my right eye and still continues today. Painful eyeball, double vision, blurred vision, muscles behide my eye are large compare to the other eye, cant really look left or right with this eye so very limited eye movement.

Since then I have been to eye casualty 10 times and each time the doctors dilates my eye but could not see any thing wrong with it. First I was diagnosed with co coma and then arthritis in my eye.

I was then referred to the eye clinic after visiting several times and seeing a different doctor I had enough I broke down and demanded I see someone same each time I come.

It took me 10 minutes to explain my story and explain my pain. Each doctor DID NOT read any of my notes. I had so many blood test I have lost count. Recently I had a full thyroids test which shows that I have autoimmune condition!!! This is where the white blood cells are affecting my eye. Hospital sent me away with Codeine tablets which makes me dowries. So have been reading on the net about this condition. Does any one have autoimmune condition if so will it improve or will it get worse? And anything else I need to know.

Anything advice would be helpful please.

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under active thyroid is a automimmune condition that affects most of our bodies......


Not everyone has it, I have autoimmune thyroid, I was diagnose 12 years ago with underactive thyroid but was only diagnose 5 years ago with autoimmune thyroid, what they told me was when my thyroid died 12 years ago and I started the meds, my body should of just forgot about it but in autoimmune disease the white cell is fighting against your body, not everyone has this, I no people who have an underactive thyroid and lead a very normal life, and like you and me we battle everyday with it, as for getting better I have good days and bad days and sadly to say this might be the same for you, but my advice is try and live your life to the best as you can don't let this illness distory you x



To the best of my knowledge, my hypothyroidism is not autoimmune. But yes, any form of thyroid imbalance will indeed affect every cell of the body in time.



do you mean you have hashimotos? this is the name of the autoimune desease which can go in hand with hypothyrodism..or graves desease for those with you live in London? as morfields eye hospital ( world famous) has a dad went there when our local hospital kept saying there wasn't anything wrong..they gave him a scan..they sorted him out ..he is better was WELL worth the visit..hope you get sorted outr very soon bestwishes


the eye clinic doctor just said that i have autoimmune and really didn't explain what sort i have!They time was too short to explain.

Since 05.10.10 i had the ambulance out because of this extreme pain in my back of the eye. Stayed over night and then came home with new tablets which of cause didn't work. My GP has give me Buprenorphine patches for 214 weeks and since Tuesday i am slowly yet steady are re-coving the from this awful pain.



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