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recently diagnozed Hyperthyroid

Ive recently been diagnozed with an overactive thyroid gland and have felt like death for sometime with all the usual sysmptons. My Gp has been fantatstic while i wait to see the specialist. What happens when you see the specialist what tests do they do etcc im already on 7 tablets a day and they have worked im better than i as and back at work but drained.

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Hi Kathy, It depends if you have Graves disease or not I had Graves and I was given Carbimazole for 18 months but in the end the thyroid wouldn't come down and I ended up having a thyroid storm and had to have Radiation and became hypothyroid, which to be honest with you for me is 100 times worse at least the weight and depression are. Each person is treated differently and each one of us react differently so it's difficult to say. There is no way I could go to work im just to exhausted.. I wish you great success with the Endo. A friend of mine had similar to me and sailed through it and is fantastic now... anyway good luck.


Hi kathrowley

Sorry to hear you've just been diagnosed with overactive thryoid. I was told a fortnight ago that my problem had returned - after being a year and a half clear. I really couldn't believe it when the signs started up again. I too am waiting to see my specialist again. Last time round, I was put on Carbimazole by my GP, my dosage was reviewed at the hospital once they'd carried out a blood test. My treatment was that I saw the specialist every 3 months - blood test done and dosage adjusted according to the results of the bloods. I stayed on Carbimazole for one year. In this time, my thyroid went back to normal. I stayed like this for a further year and was discharged from the specialist. I'm gutted that 6 months on, I'm back to square one! My doctor has mentioned radio iodine treatment but I really hope I don't have to go down that route. My friend is also overactive and she's been on medication for years. Let me know how you get on. Take care.


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